Keto cheese puffs

Keto cheese puffs

Crispy, crunchy simplicity at its finest! In just minutes you’ll be wiping your fingers, and exclaiming the joys of melted keto brie.

Keto cheese puffs

Crispy, crunchy simplicity at its finest! In just minutes you’ll be wiping your fingers, and exclaiming the joys of melted keto brie.
4 servingservings


  • 7 oz. 200 g Brie cheese, preferably President Brie


Instructions are for 4 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Cut the rind off the brie cheese and cut into cubes, about ½ inch (1×1 cm). Remove the white edge.
  2. Place a few pieces of the brie cheese on a parchment paper on a plate and bake in the microwave oven at full power for 1–2 minutes, watching carefully so they do not burn. Make a few at the time.
  3. Let cool before serving. Season with spices of your choice.

About the Recipe

This recipe is from popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson.


Feel free to experiment with different herbs! The creaminess of brie loves fresh oregano, rosemary, basil, and parsley.

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  1. François
    As far as I know, Brie is Brie and is a soft cheese, not a firm one. It changes as it gets old, becoming more and more soft, to the point of being liquidy. Blue cheese is blue cheese, a semi-firm to firm cheese, white with blue veins, with a pungent (and delicious) odour. So is it Brie (soft) or Blue (semi-firm to firm) or does it even matter and any cheese (e.g. cheddar, muester, etc) will do?
  2. Eric
    Why not pork rinds with cheese. Cheese and puff without the mess of a microwave
  3. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor

    Thanks for pointing this out – should be a Brie.

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

  4. Applenerd81
    These are amazing! Will try with Jalapeño next! Thanks
  5. Francois
    One last suggestion: please remove the term "firm" when speaking of Brie. Brie is a very soft cheese. Is kinda holds itself when young, but very quickly becomes liquidy. If people look for firm brie, they'll get strange looks. Is it better a young brie or an older one? From what I get here, I suggest a young brie might be better.
  6. Christyn
    I just tried these. Based on my experience, I'm guessing firm means cold. I did this with Brie right from the store - car - home, and it's 90F outside. Great temp for snacking on, but not for this. My carefully cut cubes turned into a runny then bubbly, albeit delicious, mess that looked just like the cheddar cheese crisps I used to make on the stove top. I'll try it with refrigerator cold Brie next time. :-) Thanks for the treat!
  7. Linda
    This recipe does not work for me. Every brie I try turns runny. Too bad.
    Reply: #8
  8. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Linda, thanks for your feedback. I'll pass it on so that we can improve this.
  9. Inger Swanberg Team Diet Doctor
    I just checked with the recipe creator and she explains that unfortunately it doesn't work well with just any Brie. The President brand of Brie works.

    Thanks for your feedback and hope that helps!

    / Inger Swanberg
    Team Diet Doctor

    Reply: #54
  10. Rennie
    May I suggest a recipe that does not utilize a microwave? A microwave just renders food nutrient-ess anyway. It is much healthier to cook food in an oven.
    Replies: #13, #57
  11. Bev
    I make cheese crisps in the oven - little piles of strong cheddar on a parchment lined baking tray, (set apart from each other so that they don't become one big crisp as they cook and spread) sprinkled generously with garlic salt, dried herbs and cayenne pepper for a spicy kick, and baked at 210c in a pre-heated oven for 6 minutes until golden brown and then left to cool and crisp up on a wire tray. Peeled carefully off of the parchment, they make a lovely accompaniment to home-made guacamole - delicious!
    Reply: #12
  12. Bev
    Should have said - grated cheddar - slices just don't work as well :)
  13. Mark
    Rennie, a Microwave does absolutely nothing to the nutrient content of food. It only excites the water molecules in food, nothing else. Any random articles about a plant and microwave water are phony and have debunked many times.
  14. tamarah
    Love crispyfried/baked cheese,, its so good !!
  15. Kim
    LOL... I love the recipe for small piles of cheddar cheese... I LOVE the crispy cheese that falls off the nachos I put in the oven. I never thought about making a whole BUNCH of those crispy little cheeses! Thanks!
  16. Amanda
    This seems very simple, yet after 3 tries, they turn out runny. I'm using President Brie, from the refrigerator. I've even tried it in the oven. What am I missing?
    Reply: #51
  17. Swarna
    This did not work for me. I used brie cheese it got liquidly and then very hard. What did I do wrong. Did others have the same problem? what could have I done wrong?
    Reply: #42
  18. nell
    Mine just melted flat! Perhaps one could use Haloumi ?
  19. govizslas
    Did not work at all. All I got was a plate of bubbly oil.
  20. MonaLisa
    Just a thought....what Wattage is this microwave owen presumed to have?
    Mine is 950 Watt and as I understand the Normal or average Watt is around 600/700 Watt.
    I tried with Brie, for only 1 minute, and also got a yellow liquid mass.
  21. Bedtime sleuth
    By 3 seconds mine was all melted. It did harden up to a nice crispy cheese-cracker effect if left to keep going for a minute, but nothing like described.
  22. Bohemian West
    I have tried this many times with many types of Brie, including President brand. NOTHING WORKS, what is the secret here? Maybe not cooking on "full effect"? everything just melts into a small pool as others have described.

    Diet doctor people: please help. You should fix this recipe or take it down. Cheese is not cheap and no one is able to replicate the recipe as posted.

  23. Gillian
    Try slices of mozzarella, I buy a round sliced version in Lidl and then fry them in non-stick pan, never thought to cut the slices up, that would make it better for dips, and probably better done in the oven, they tend to roll up when I turn them in the pan.
  24. Christine
    Hi, I really wish this recipe would work but I have tried many types of Brie, including President brand, and nothing works. Has anyone had this recipe work for them as shown in the photo? I would like to make round cheese puffs rather than flat cheese disks (which is what happens every time as the cheese just melts completely and does not hold any shape whatsoever) If yes, can you please share the secret?
  25. Sharon Gilbert
    Worked for me. I used President brand and a 1000 w microwave. It took about a minute.
  26. Sharon Gilbert
    The first time I only cooked about 5 pieces, the next about 12 for the full 2 mins and it came out better. Let the brie get a little brown. Then I sprinkled them with cayenne pepper. My husband and his friend were my taste testers and they really liked them.
  27. Robin
    Just a runny mess. Usually I make Cheese Crisps and Cheese Puffs in the oven. I'll stick with that. This Cheese Puff Recipe was a runny mess. Nothing complicated. A very simple recipe, but my brie simply melted and spread. Didn't work for me.
  28. amanda
    same. runny mess. tasty but not useful.
  29. KJ
    Runny, liquid heap for me. I tried 30 second bursts to check and it just melted flat. I thought maybe it went that way then would bubble up into puffs but nope. I did however get to addthe melted brie to my cheesey vegetables and tuna so it wasn't a total waste. I feel like something is missing with this.
  30. Wendy
    This is an absolutely horrible recipe. It melts so bad it's nothing but a wet mess. Never could get a nice puff of cheese no matter what I did used presidential brand various types none worked I'm thinking that maybe it needs something else I've seen some with egg whites and cream of tarter etc maybe they will turn out. This recipe needs alot of work. I'd actually like to see a YouTube 5on Diet Doctor making these work ugh what a waste of money and time. ???
  31. Linda
    Tasty crisps, but not puffs, given me a new substitute for potato crisps.
  32. CalamityFred
    After it runs into a runny mess, just keep going until it goes light brown. I had a good effect with a thinner slice, too. Using Aldi pasteurised brie in 900W microwave oven. If shorter time doesn't do it, try longer! The kids gobbled it up as soon a they were cool enough before I had time to season them.
  33. Alessandra
    Has anyone tried to make those in an oven? I dont have a microwave
  34. Madeline
    Mine turned runny too!
  35. Greg
    It just melted 15 secs into it. I took a second shot at it and tried for a longer period up to 2 mins checking every 30 seconds and I got flat shaped, holed crispy chips but not puffs.
  36. Linda
    Mine melted too, and it was President brie, but I just let cook for the 2 full minutes and it was flat and crispy. I enjoyed it, with a little onion powder and cumin!
  37. Sarah
    I was very disappointed because the picture looks like a great snack to take to work. Mine went flat, too. But, they make good "chips." I tried it once with the rind, because I looked it up and saw that it's ok to eat the rind, it just depends on if you like the taste of it - so I thought that might add the texture and height. I was wrong and I didn't like the taste of the rind. But, if you're like me an can't stand wasting so much cheese that comes off with the rind, you can melt it all and pick out the rind and throw it away.
  38. Karen
    No puffs, just flat melted yummy crisps. Love to actually see a video of this working.
  39. jenny
    Hello Inger

    Can you double check that putting paper in a microwave is OK, surely it will burn?????

    I have never heard of this before, dont want to try recipe until clarified or can it just be put on a plate?

    Look forward to any confirmation. Thank you.


  40. Amy
    So microwave failed like everyone else. But baking them at a low temperature like 300F or less for about 10 mins or so, they become puffy and airy.
  41. Carla
    Wish I would have read reviews before making a plate of melted Brie. I’ll give the oven one a shot. Thanks Amy!
  42. KJ
    Yes! The recipe calls for 1-2 minutes! Yikes... so the first time I tried 1:30.... big melted bubbly blob that got kind of hard... second time I did 1:00 but took it out at :33 and they were still a pool of bubbly cheese.... why does the picture look like nice formed puffs? False advertising 😂
  43. Mitch
    Has anyone had success with this recipe? My cubes of President Brie (from the frig) just all melted together into a giant flat cheese crisp. It simply does not work as described. I see responses from the author saying "thank you for your response, we'll work to improve it." Improve what? It just melts into a cracker!
  44. Jackie
    They are actually moon cheese can’t cook Brie cheese In the microwave and get cheese balls.
  45. AnnRLT
    Same here, burning liquid mess
  46. AnnRLT
    Same here, burning liquid mess. Maybe they meant toaster oven?
  47. Catriona
    to all those this worked for what did you do?
    mIne havent worked
  48. Lisa
    Was really looking forward to these but sadly when I opened the microwave they were all runny on the plate and had only been 30sec!! Used Brie straight from fridge. Tasted good just waited for it to cool and ‘set’. Not sure right cheese for this recipe ??
  49. Marci
    To say these are puffs is a joke. I used the suggested President brand of Brie and straight out of the refrigerator.
    I put in microwave and it turned into a bubbling mess.
    Ultimate outcome, tasty Brie crisps not puffs as the photo and name suggests.
  50. Lori
    For all of you who have tried this recipes and it feel flat, (goopy, melted and flat) here is a recipe that might work. I'm about to try it. I'll get back to you.
  51. Alison
    You do need to use baking paper (not greaseproof) (some countries call it parchment?). It takes the full 2 minutes for me. The cheese needs to be in LITTLE pieces (1cm) and separate. It will bubble and melt and you need to let it cool FULLY for it to be puffy and crunchy. It is a bit like pastry in texture. Hope that helps. They are delicious and addictive.
  52. Laura
    They worked for me. I put 2cm cubes dusted with cayenne pepper in the oven for about 7 minutes at 180 degrees. I used creamfields Brie which is maybe only available in the UK
  53. Victor
    I've been bamboozled!!
  54. kristie
    I have tried 3 different brie brands and I can only do like 30 sec and the cheese is runny like linda said..never holds I don't think it matters if it is presidente
  55. Denise
    What a waste of good BRIE! I used President Brie and got a gooey and oily mess! One piece turned into a cheese crisp but not no puffs.
  56. Marnie
    I'm in Australia and didn't have any success until I tried a smoked semi-firm cheese and yes, I got little puffy clouds of yum! That is now my go-to cheese for making these. I would suggest perhaps getting one of the cheese platter packs next time you're having people over and try a small amount of each cheese in the microwave to see what you get :) They might not turn out exactly the same, but they could still be good - and if not, just leave on your cheese platter :) PS> If you're making smaller batches in the microwave, watch them closely as they will need less time.
    Reply: #58
  57. Ryan
    That's not actually correct. Time cooking and water lessen nutrients in food. Microwaves use little of each and are therefore better.
  58. Sheila
    Well, sadly mine were also a runny, oily fail...

    Marnie -
    I know you're in Australia, but please share the name of the 'smoked semi-firm' cheese you say is your 'go to' cheese now! Even if we can't all find the same ones in our own countries it would still be helpful to know the names of any cheeses that actually work the way they're supposed to... Thanks! :)

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