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Cheese is a wonderful ingredient that adds both flavor and a nice texture to your cooking. If you’re not sensitive to dairy, cheese has a given place in the low-carb kitchen. It makes low carb more simple, and more pleasurable.

Cream cheese is great for thickening sauces where you would traditionally use flour. Baked cheese chips is a flavorful and crispy snack that’s way better for you than traditional potato chips. And shredded cheese mixed with eggs makes for a delicious and simple pizza crust.

There are many different kinds of cheese to choose from depending on what you like and what a recipe calls for. Try experimenting with a cheese you’ve never used before, maybe you haven’t even discovered your true favorite yet.

What’s your favorite cheese and how do you like to serve it? Please tell us in the comments below. But first, here are our top 30 recipes for low-carb cheese lovers:

Top 30

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What’s your favorite cheese and how do you like to serve it? Please tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Jim Browning
    i love a good (and sharp) aged Cheddar: also Parmegiana Reggiano. in other words, i want some bold flavor; not something to merely "fill in". Even if combined in a dish, a cheese must have the ability to stand on its own. Taste it on its own, and you should say "wow, I want more of that!"

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