The best low-carb and keto recipes to make this fall

Low-carb and keto recipes
to make this fall

Welcome back, fall! We have missed you quite a bit with your pretty colors and exceptional hearty dishes. It’s time to get cozy, dust off the slow-cooker and start planning around the rich seasonal produces. To get you in the mood, we have collected some of our favorite low-carb and keto recipes to keep on rotation.

If you’re as excited as we are to get back into the kitchen and spend some quality time reflecting and planning ahead, this is the perfect place for some inspiration.

Let’s talk hot soups and long-simmered stews, irresistible casseroles and savory pies. Let’s talk pumpkin in our desserts and hot drinks to savor the fall. Luckily, the cooler temperatures offer tons of seasonal goodies to get creative with. Take a stroll to your local farmer’s market to explore the fresh harvest. Vegetables like Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, bell pepper… and even garlic will be at their very best this time of the year.

These fall dishes check off every box: they are easy to make, satisfying and just perfect for those chilly fall days.


Kickstart the season with some of our favorite autumn soups. Warm up yourself and the whole family with these creamy delights packed with a variety of nutritious veggies. Savour your favorite juicy meats or go vegetarian with some gorgeous greens like broccoli, leek and spinach. We have the perfect soup for all tastes, prepare them for dinner or pack them up for an easy lunch.


A hot and rich stew is one of the main staples of a cozy fall meal, a year-round favorite we can truly enjoy once the cold weather kicks in. We’ve rounded up some wonderful options to simmer up in your favorite pot. Go with a classic Boeuf Bourguignon, an old fashioned beef stew or invoke the Indian flavor gods with a lamb stew or curry chicken. Allow the hearty flavors and revigorating spices come together for a meal that’s worth remembering.


When it comes to pure simplicity, comfort and of course flavor, casseroles are high up on the list of our favorite fall dishes. Most of our top picks are generously packed with cheese, meat and veggies in one happy casserole. You should also try the vegetarian keto breakfast casserole and the season’s biggest hit, roasted pumpkin. They are also so easy to make that they almost prepare themselves. And so they do, in your oven.

Savory pies

Look at these pretty pies, one of them could easily be on your dinner table tonight. Pie season has landed and we are ready to share the love! Get your meat and cheese on with our most popular keto meat pie recipe ever or start experimenting with new flavors. Do the French way and call it a quiche or add some curry for the ultimate Indian touch. A flawless one-dish dinner meant to be shared or turned into a convenient lunchbox, you decide!


When you would rather be focusing on something else but still want to have a hot, nutritious dinner on the table, it’s time to hand over kitchen duty to your slow-cooker. Spending less time in the kitchen will allow your crockpot to shine and the result could be anything from a succulent pulled pork to a moist and tender Moroccan beef. Pair it with a tomato salad or turnip slaw and get ready to feed the whole family.

Desserts and snacks

Capture all the fall flavors with this selection of low-carb nibbles. We have the unapologetically seasonal pumpkin pie — with and without the crust! —, baked apples with a festive cinnamon touch and if you’re into the crunch side of things, you sure won’t be disappointed by the tastiest salty chocolate treats. Keeping it simple? Try some spicy nuts and seeds and don’t forget about the mighty crunchy kale chips either.


Some might argue it’s way too early to get started with pumpkin spice latte. Is it really? A quick hot drink with the most essential autumn seasoning really encapsulates the spirit of the fall, so let’s embrace it! If you’re still not convinced, go for a heartwarming chai latte or a luxurious cinnamon coffee. Whip any of these up in a minute, grab a sweater and enjoy these delicious and super easy-to-make fall drinks.

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