Low-carb dinners in under 30 minutes

Time is precious. Most of us have a limited amount of it to spend on cooking, but we still want to eat and serve healthy and delicious food. Luckily there’s a solution to that problem.

The recipes below are a selection of perfect dinners. They’re low carb, great tasting and they all take 30 minutes or less to prepare.

Time saving tip

Cook more than you need and put the leftovers in your freezer. That way you’ll always have a satiating low-carb meal waiting for you when you need it.

The recipes


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  1. ED
    Beware on this diet. I followed this diet and 5 weeks later, besides loosing 7 pounds, my LDL levels are elevated and I have developed a stone in my Gall bladder. Not for everyone.
  2. Christina
    It takes years to develop a gallstone, just finally was dislodged.
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  3. Nicki
    Very true it takes years to develop a gallstone
  4. Ada
    To avoid ldl to go up eat a lot of vitamins. Especially b complex. I read it on Atkins book and worked for me
  5. Diane
    My Dr actually told me to go on this diet as I am waiting to have Gallbladder out. I also have a sludge ball in my belly. Been eating this way for 3 weeks and have never felt better. I see my Dr Friday morning and Im sure she will be please with my results.

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