Keto cheese chips cooking video

Do you miss potato chips on the keto diet? Or maybe the taco shells? Look no further; in this video, you’ll get to learn how to make your own keto cheese chips. We think these cheezylicious babies might be your next favorite keto treat. Take the experience to the next level with a yummy dip, use them as taco shells, or something else – the only limit is your imagination!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

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  1. OgreZed
    Cheese crisps are easy to make in the microwave:

    I can turn a 12-slice package of cheese into cheese crisps in less than 10 minutes (4 batches; 3 slices per batch; 2 minutes per batch). You can use silicon cupcake molds, but I find the 3-well and 6-well silicon trays so much easier to load and unload. I've created crisps with sliced cheeses, sliced off from blocks, and shredded. They all work.

    But you really need the silicon molds to keep their shape and texture consistent. I used to make them on parchment paper or a silicon mat, and they tend to spread all over when the cheese gets molten.

  2. Cassieoz
    I use my oven and a 12 well whoopie pie tin to keep them even and tidt. Nice with nigella, sesame or caraway seeds in

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