Keto and low carb recipes for your Instant Pot or slow cooker

Finding time to cook can be tricky, especially when fixing food for the whole family. To save you time, we recommend seeking out smart meal-prep shortcuts.

Take, for example, multi-cookers and slow cookers. These kitchen appliances are designed to provide multiple functionalities — and save you time in the kitchen. As a result of how convenient they are to use, certain models, such as the Instant Pot and Ninja Foodi, are gaining enormous popularity among home chefs.

Because these cookers are so handy, we decided to put together a collection of our favorite keto and low carb Instant Pot and slow cooker recipes. We’ve included both main dish ideas — and even desserts — all of which can be made in these convenient cooking appliances.

How to choose the right appliance

Multi-cookers, often known by their brand names, Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi, are popular kitchen appliances as a result of their speed and range of functionality.

These cookers make it possible to prepare a full meal without having to stand over the stove the entire time. Just push a button and walk away.

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Which one is best for me?

While both appliances save time and allow for “hands-free” cooking, they do so in two completely opposite ways.

Slow cookers are “set it and forget it” appliances, meaning they are best suited for people with more time on their hands in the mornings — or those who like to plan ahead. They also need to be loaded up in advance and left to do their thing during the day (or overnight), allowing you to enjoy a finished meal without standing over the stove.

Pressure-cooking function on a multi-cooker, such as an Instant Pot, is great for last-minute people. This is because, when using a pressure cooker, foods that would normally take a lot longer are typically done in minutes.

This efficiency aspect is a big reason the Instant Pot has become so popular. When using its pressure-cooking function, you can get a hot meal on the table in a matter of minutes — rather than hours — even if you forget to thaw the ingredients.


7 benefits of using pressure cookers and slow cookers

  1. More “hands-free” time while the meal cooks independently
  2. Maintains a lot more flavor compared to other forms of cooking
  3. Provides a safe form of cooking with no boilover and limited potential to burn meals
  4. Saves space in comparison to a stove or stovetop
  5. Transports easily to be used in alternative venues if traveling
  6. Maintains a higher level of moisture in foods, and yields more tender meats
  7. Allows you to set a timer so that when you come home, your dinner is ready

Additional benefits of pressure cooking

  1. Speeds up the cooking time of meals, especially large meat-based dishes
  2. Allows you to cook meat directly from frozen

Top Instant Pot recipes

These Instant Pot meals will be ready in a jiffy. There’s nothing tastier than flavor-rich meals and meats that just melt in your mouth. These recipes are quick, super flavorful, and they’re perfect for cooking in bulk if that’s what you prefer.

Instant Pot dessert recipes

If you’re a fan of melt-in-your-mouth desserts, then you have to try these Instant Pot dessert recipes.Using the Instant Pot, you’ll be delighted at how moist your cakes turn out, especially since this appliance takes the guesswork out of cooking times.

And, if you haven’t made a cheesecake using your Instant Pot, then you’re in for a real treat! The texture easily rivals any other traditional water bath-baked cheesecake you’ve tried.

Our latest keto and low carb recipes