Oopsie bread

Oopsie bread

Oopsies are another good low-carb bread option. It’s a “bread” without carbs and can be eaten in a variety of ways.

Oopsie bread

Oopsies are another good low-carb bread option. It’s a “bread” without carbs and can be eaten in a variety of ways.
6 servingservings


  • 3 3 eggeggs
  • 4¼ oz. 120 g cream cheese
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch salt
  • ½ tbsp ½ tbsp (4 g) ground psyllium husk powder
  • ½ tsp ½ tsp (2.5 g) baking powder


Instructions are for 6 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Separate the eggs, with the egg whites in one bowl and the egg yolks in another.
  2. Whip egg whites together with salt until very stiff. You should be able to turn the bowl over without the egg whites moving.
  3. Mix the egg yolks and the cream cheese well. If you want, add the psyllium seed husk and baking powder (this makes the Oopsie more bread-like).
  4. Gently fold the egg whites into the egg yolk mix – try to keep the air in the egg whites.
  5. Put 6 large or 8 smaller oopsies on a paper-lined baking tray.
  6. Bake in the middle of the oven at 300° F (150° C) for about 25 minutes – until they turn golden.


You can have an Oopsie as a sandwich or use it as a bun for a hotdog or hamburger. You can also put different kinds of seeds on them before baking them, for instance poppy, sesame or sunflower seeds. One big Oopsie can be used to make a swiss roll: Add a generous layer of whipped cream and some berries. Enjoy.

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  1. BernadetteMari
    I have a couple questions about this bread.
    1. If I use 2 servings measurements and get 4 breads, is 2 breads a single serving?
    2. When putting all ingredients into myfitnesspal, 2 breads come out to 3g carbs, yet the nutrition panel says 0g carbs. Why the difference?

    It's a great recipe, the breads are a very suitable replacement in my opinion.

  2. Leann
    Just made my first batch of oopsie bread. I haven't tried it yet but they look awesome! Can anyone tell me how they should be stored? Fridge, freezer???


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  3. Cyrelle
    I think she was looking at the difficulty level, which is medium. Somebody make sure this woman knows these are the lowest of low carb breads!!! Lol.
  4. Rona
    Leann, I have been storing these in a container in the fridge so far for up to 4 days (they don't last much longer as I love them) and they are still perfect. They get a little bit moist and sticky but I pop them into the toaster for a short time to warm and crisp up. Perfect with crispy bacon for breakfast. I am not sure about serving size but I have two for brekkie daily. I make six in a batch, secret is to not mix the egg white and yolk/cheese mixtures too much - a bit of white foam here and there is fine. It is a very forgiving recipe. I also add about a tbsp. of psyllium husk powder and half tsp baking powder to the egg yoke mixture right before folding this into the whites. Don't put this stuff in too early or the egg mix will go solid !
  5. Hilda
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally I can make my low carb diet a little more versatile! Can I share this recipe on my blog, giving you the credit, of course?
  6. Theresa
    There are virtually no carbs in these buns. The 2 main ingredients are egg and cream cheese and the small amount of psyllium husk powder also comes out to zero carbs because of the high fibre content. Remember to subtract the carbs listed from the fibre to get the true 'net' carbs--enjoy!
  7. Theresa
    Most people that I've heard mention the eggy-ness were surprised to see how different they tasted once they put their sandwich fillings in! It covers up the taste. I love these as a BLT with cheese and mayo--yum!
  8. Theresa
    Try using cream of tartar in the egg whites, Amy. It keeps the buns from deflating once out of the oven. An 1/8 of a tsp. will do the trick and whip the egg whites till 'very' stiff--all the best. :)
  9. Theresa
    Use cream of tartar instead of the baking powder and whip egg whites till very stiff. Be very gentle when folding them into other ingredients..As for the eggy taste, this is diminished once your fillings are in or add spices and flaked onion, etc. Really makes a difference.

    Cant seem to get these right! Have been experimenting, and have got the mixture turning out great, they puff up wonderfully in the oven... but as soon as i pull them out they collapse and just look like little flat omelettes! Definately dont look like the ones in the picture :( they taste ok though, just eggy more than bread-like

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  10. Theresa
    Actually, I shouldn't have said "instead of baking powder", but in addition to it. I add 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar to the egg whites, then proceed as normal with the recipe..
  11. Cris
    Can I use almond flour or coconut flour?
  12. chandhana rao
    Is there a replacement for Pissilium Husk?
    Reply: #166
  13. April
    I made a double batch of these and I put 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar in the whites as I mixed them and I added 2 Tablespoons of Coconut flour. I whipped the egg whites very stiff and whisked all other ingredients in another bowl then I scraped them on top of the very stiff whites and folded it all together. It really make puffy bread!
  14. Alice messer
    How come oopsie bread has so much chlolesterol in it ? I have high cholesterol and dont need to eat something thats has it. T. Thanks!
  15. Timea
    Made these today....actually they are right now in the oven.....well I've already tried another oopsie recipe and in comparison the other one looks better....BUT I had 3 children running around in the kitchen and nagging me, so I might not have been gentle enough with my folding the whites in and the psyllium husk made the yolks a bit hardish....I guess I waited too much with it....and 1/2 ts salt is a bit too much for me....I'm going to try it again....child free and with less salt :D
  16. Timea
    you just leave it out...there are recipes floating around the net without....
  17. Joe Sandoski
    For a mock rye bread add caraway seeds into batter and bake as suggested. I also turn them over after baking time and leave in my hot but turned off oven. Check after 10 min. may go longer to suit your doneness..
  18. Bonnie Fuhr
    If you are using psyllium husk powder, I suggest putting it in small strainer and shaking in small amounts as you beat the yolks, the first time I made them they went lumpy, but now they are perfect!!
  19. Patricia
    I made my first batch today. They don't look exactly like the picture but that doesn't matter since they taste good. I will try adding cream of tartar in the next batch, as suggested.
  20. BernadetteMari
    Has anyone tried using whipped cream cheese instead of room temperature brick cheese?
  21. Patricia
    Sorry didn't mean to report my comment
  22. Kavita
    My batter comes out very liquidy. Made it into a swiss log style. But how can I get a thick batter to dollop out?
  23. Jeff D.
    I really like this recipe and it's been a lifesaver for me. I'll use it for hot dogs and grilled cheese and sandwiches. I double all the ingredients and add about a third of a cup of almond flour. I spread it out on parchment paper and cut it up into pieces. It is ok if the batter is runny. You just spread it out thin on the parchment paper and it will rise and become a thin bread.
  24. Diane
    Good morning,
    Wanted to pass on, if you have not tried the Oopsie bread, please do, it very good with tuna, and peanut better, its very light and filling at the same time.


  25. Donna
    I added in a couple tablespoons of coconut flour, a pinch of Truvia and some raspberries for a "scone" treat. Worked out pretty well. Just need to be careful mixing it in, trying to keep as much air as possible from the egg whites.
  26. Cheryl
    I have some cheddar cheese mixed with heavy cream. Will that work in place of cream cheese, just making it cheesy oopsies?
  27. CosmicT
    I used a food processor and thought that I had added a little too much water. So I added 2 tbsp coconut flour at the end and let it rest for a couple of minutes after mixing (only until combined). The dough was a great consistency and shaped well (with wet fingers). I baked them for 55-60 minutes and then shut the oven off and let them rest in the hot oven. I was curious so I opened them up and put them back in the oven until it cooled down. They turned out really well. A touch moist inside but crispy on the outside and so delicious! Perfect for burgers!
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