Low-carb and keto breakfasts without eggs

Low-carb and keto breakfasts without eggs

We believe eggs are fantastic and that they have a given place when eating low carb. You can serve them boiled, fried, scrambled, as omelets or pancakes. But no matter how good they may be for you, sometimes you need a break. And if you have an egg allergy you don’t have a choice.

On this page you’ll find our egg-free breakfasts. Browse through our recipes and discover low-carb porridge, granola, smoothies and plenty of other alternatives. Why not try a bulletproof coffee? It’s perfect when you are on the go but still like to start your day with something warm and filling.

Egg-free breakfasts

Breakfasts with “hidden” eggs

Perhaps you don’t mind eggs in your breakfast, as long as you hardly notice them? In that case check out these delicious breakfasts.


  1. Joh
    When I have to travel, I eat a piece of French Brie. It Gives me a day without hunger!
  2. Ed
    I found and use a really good LCHF breakfast smoothie mix from purition, keeps me full for 4-5 hours, less than 1g sugar, 12g fats, 18g protein, 9g fibre
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  3. Carol
    Forgive me, but this is a shock for me. Just a cup of coffee for breakfast? I would never last through until lunch. This seems very strange to me. I can't see sending my husband off to work with just a cup of coffee. Can someone advise me on this? Thank you. P.S. I like my breakfasts.
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  4. Mona
    If like your breakfasts then have breakfast! On LCHF many people, myself included don't break our fasts until late morning or perhaps even the afternoon.
    LCHF tends to reduce appetite ☺️
  5. ftblchic76
    The butter and coconut oil have enough fat in them to keep you full. One of these and I'm good until late afternoon!
  6. Kati
    Carol, it depends on how keto-adapted you and your husband are (i.e. are you eating moderate low carb or strictly ketogenic with less then 20g of carbs per day), and it can of course vary from day to day. The butter and coconut oil in the coffee can in fact get you a long way (do use it generously and blend it well into the coffee!). Try it on a weekend when you're home and have food readily available just in case you do get hungry before lunch in spite of the bulletproof coffee.
    My personal experience is that sometimes a coffee like that will easily get me past lunch time and sometimes it lasts no more than two or three hours. Weekends are usually easier and the coffee lasts longer, because I don't need as much energy to get through the day as on any given work day. It can be a great time saver because you don't need much time to prepare it and you could even take it along and drink it on your way to work. So, bulletproof coffee can be a starter, particularly when you don't have time for a proper breakfast. And then you take some brie cheese or some other fatty snack along just to have something with you that can help you through the morning if hunger comes before lunch.
    If you love having a proper breakfast, by all means do. The coffee can serve as an alternative for busy mornings with too little time, or even when you don't feel quite so hungry to really eat anything but at the same time feel like you do need some sustenance nonetheless.
  7. Brian in Texas
    I only eat once a a day. I fast for 22 hours. Once a month I may not eat for 48 hours.
    It wasn't easy for the first few weeks. But after it helped me recognize the difference between real hunger and my hormones telling me that I should be hungry.
    I lost 55 pounds in 6 months following this site and that of Dr. Jason Fung.
    My recent checkup shows triglycerides went from 200 to 85.
    I am no longer obese. And my pre diabetes is gone.
    I laughed last week when someone told me I should be eating 6 small meals a day. You eat and your body makes insulin. Insulin makes you store fat. So STOP making insulin folks!
    Now listen to me, the food industry is telling you to snack snack snack. Don't! They are not on your side. Trust me. You won't die skipping a meal or 3. In fact.... You will feel awesome.
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  8. Tiffany
    @ Brian in Texas,

    when you do eat what do you eat and usually what time?

  9. Martha
    Congratulations for discipline and share your experience . I am drinking coffee in the morning with My MCT oil . So, from 7 am to 12:30 pm I do not eat anything. I am not hungry, my desired of eating is stable. I am very happy to do this. One day I will go extended more hours without eating.
  10. Lena Lunsford
    Can I drink alcohol n list weight to n how
  11. Lena Lunsford
    Lost weight the faster way would be how give
    Me a sample
  12. Jeri
    I started seeing a naturopath after being on keto for 2 months without losing a single pound. She did some bloodwork on me. One of the tests was Apo E Genotyping. The result showed me to be E3/E4. I was told my type should consume 20% fat, 25% protein and 55% carbs. She said that was why the keto didn't work for me before. I'm now seeing a ARNP who specializes in weight loss. I've been back on keto for about 2.5 weeks and will have my first weigh in next week. Can I expect different results or is keto just not going to work with my genotype?
  13. Ang
  14. StaceyH
    Low Carb High Fat
  15. Sheila
    Can anyone give me a recipe for bread or rolls without using egg? Also, can I use a substitute like chia seeds instead of egg when making bread?
  16. Sheila
    Is it OK to eat fresh mangoes?
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  17. Rayne
    Mangos are pretty high in carbohydrates so it depends on how low carb you want to be. If you can fit it into your daily carb limit, then yes, enjoy 😊
  18. David
    The keto porridge calls for 15 tsp heavy cream. Who's going to measure out 15 tsp? Surely 1/3 cup is more efficient.
  19. Jayne
    Ed, what is your smoothie recipe, if you don’t mind sharing,I love smooothies
    and is a great alternative when I’m over eating eggs
  20. Beatrice
    Are vegemite and peanut butter allowed please ? Thank you .
  21. Svpdestiny21
    Excellent. I lost a whole stone between July to 1 September. As a woman never felt better, and mood swings were gone. It totally balanced me. I have more energy and generally feel happier and more stamina!!! Why do we eat the crap and wished I had this diet 30 years ago. I would re-write my life differently! Don't question the diet just do it! Its the way our ancestors survived and lived longer.
  22. Tracey
    I have been on the LCHF Keto plan for 1 week and stuck to a daily 20g of Net Carbs, but I never logged the daily fat count, and I lost 1.5 pounds in this first week, which I found a little disappointing, considering I have 24 pounds to lose (2 stone). Having checked my daily fat based on personal input on weight, height, age, exercise, I should be eating between 90g-110g of fat per day, and I know the first week of my LCHF diet I would have exceeded over this daily fat intake. How important is it to track the daily fat count to enable me to lose 2+ pounds per week? Since starting the Keto plan, I fast 16:8 and have 2 meals per day (lunch and dinner), and drink approx 2 litres of water per day. I am 51 years of age, and I know the menopause will also have an impact on my weight loss, but my main concern is knowing if the the daily fat intake is cricial to the Keto plan, as I only see bold reference to daily net carbs, but little advice on daily fat, so any advice greatly received.
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  23. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    There's not really a reference to fat intake because it's going to vary by person. Ideally, you should be getting about 70-75% of your calories from fat and 20-25% from protein.
  24. Erica Politica
    I actually loved eggs until this morning when I cracked an eggs open and I'll save you the description of what came out but it was disgusting and traumatizing. I don't think I can ever eat eggs again after seeing that. I want hungry after that but I managed to make a bacon and cheese sandwich with my whole grain low carb bread. Thanks for these many other suggestions.
  25. Kyle
    If you have high cholesterol, how does all this animal fat effect this? It doesn't seem to be healthy in that regard.
    Thank you for any help you can give.
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  26. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    We have great information about how keto helps with our cholesterol profiles. You can start reading about it here - https://www.dietdoctor.com/concerned-cholesterol-low-carb-read
  27. Abigail
    Thank you Brian. I am beginning this way of eating today and you have totally inspired me.
  28. Joe
    I’ve been following the meal plans and in to Keto for about 2 weeks and my heartburn is gone! I would normally take 2-3 Pepcid per day. I haven’t had a Pepcid in 2 weeks! Life changing.

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