Judy's fabulous low-carb oatmeal

Judy’s fabulous low-carb oatmeal

Our friend, Judy, shared her awesome version of oatmeal with us — and it was so tasty, we had to let you in on it! Low-carb breakfast deliciousness at its best!

Judy’s fabulous low-carb oatmeal

Our friend, Judy, shared her awesome version of oatmeal with us — and it was so tasty, we had to let you in on it! Low-carb breakfast deliciousness at its best!
1 servingservings


  • 1 cup 240 ml coconut milk or unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (10 g) flaxseed, whole
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (12 g) chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp 1 tbsp (10 g) sunflower seeds
  • 1 pinch 1 pinch salt


Instructions are for 1 serving. Please modify as needed.

  1. Mix all ingredients in a small sauce pan. Bring to a boil. Lower the heat and let simmer until desired thickness is reached. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.
  2. Top with butter and coconut milk – or almond milk and cinnamon – or fresh, unsweetened berries. The possibilities are endless!


Make a large batch of the dry ingredients and store in a big glass jar for an even quicker breakfast. This will be enough for 20 servings, corresponding to 3 tablespoons seed mix per serving:

1¼ cup flaxseeds
1¼ cup chia seeds
1¼ cup sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon salt

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  1. Johannes Bell
    After cooking i couldnt eat it with this gelly like consistencey, but fortunately i have a blender and i mixed it and then i liked it.I add cinnamon andf toped it with cream, next time i try a kokosmush. Thanks for the recipe.
  2. Phi
    Flaxseed is also known as linseed in Australia, and the meal is what is called for in this recipe not the seeds. I made it with coconut milk, salt, and something called LSA meal (ground linseed, sunflower seeds, almonds), with chia seeds spinkled on top, and after cooking added vanilla flavoured unsweetened almond milk to serve (because I had it leftover from a freebie). It was reasonably good if a little bland. I always ate muesli for breakfast so there must have been more sugar than I thought in it. There was dried fruits as well.
  3. Brenda
    I tried it but it didn't thicken it was slimy. Did I do something wrong?
  4. Karen
    I find that if you blend the chia and other seeds it gives much smoother consistency. Add a few berries and a tablespoon of almond butter and it is lovely. You could also add a teaspoon of cocao to give it a lovely chocolatey look.
  5. Beth C
    I question using the whole flax seeds since they pass undigested through our systems. What would be the point of this?
  6. Jennifer
    This is AWFUL... looks and tastes like a bowl of mucous.
  7. Mary
    The first time I made this it was like eating troll bogeys but I have found and remedied the issue!
    I make this according to the recipe using unsweetened almond milk (have used both original and vanilla flavors).
    DO NOT OVERCOOK. If you are cooking it until you get the consistency you want, it will be overcooked. I heat mine up on the stove enough so the milk is warmed through but the consistency is still watery. Topped with cinnamon, banana, and strawberry. By the time you eat it, it will have congealed enough to not be soup, but definitely not enough to be worthy of being called troll bogeys.
  8. LJ
    Loved it! Made this with almond/coconut blend from a CARTON (can is not required), added splenda & cinnamon, brought it to a boil, then simmered very low for 5 min. Ate it with whipped cream and I'm going back for more!
  9. LJ
    Not sure where 8g of carbs is coming from though, unless canned coconut milk has a lot more carbs. I added pumpkin seeds as well and I'm still coming up with under 5g of carbs.
  10. Danielle
    I like it. Sure it was slimy but it tasted good. It's not like food's going down your stomach in one piece anyways. I added walnuts the first day, and added raspberries and cashew nuts the second. I couldn't finish the one serving in one sitting, it's very high in fat and I was full like 4 spoons in. So I ate it over two days. I'm not going to say it's the best recipe ever, but I do like it.
  11. Amanda
    This was pretty good, the texture didn't bother me at all. I used to take chia by itself with water, and I like gelatin. I adjusted for a 20 gram carb keto serving and did 1/2 cup of coconut milk plus 163 gr regular milk, and then I added Saigon cinnamon and Mexican vanilla and I'll probably add dried fresh stevia eventually. Stevia is several hundred times sweeter than sugar, milk has fat and protein, and fruit at best has some fiber, but this recipe is already full of fiber. If you're gonna go off road, do it well. I'll probably try ground flax next time since I have access to it in bulk.
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  13. Susan
    Gelatinous muck! No taste, never again.
  14. Mathilde
    I like reading the comments before I cook a recipe I’m not 100% sure of, so I took a bit of advise here and there: blended the seed mixture, added some of our preferred natural sweetener, a few berries and some cinnamon. Well worth repeating I say. Thanks for the recipe AND the tips!
    I do have a question though: does the added salt have a function or is that just preference?
  15. Barbara Steele
    It never got thick for me even after more than 5 min. Flax seed cant be digested whole anyway, so I put the whole hot mess in a blender. It as edible. After adding butter I used a couple of tablespoons to make crackers on parchment paper and they were quite good! Im going to tweek it somewhat and try the crackers again for sure. Adding a small amount of stevia takes the bitter taste out of the flax seed.
  16. Una
    One can hardly call it oatmeal when there isn't any oatmeal in it!!! Another fake name - like risotto which can't be made without Italian rice - otherwise it's something else!!! 😂 Reading through these reviews, it sounds revolting!!! 👹
  17. Joe
    Grim. Grim Grim.
  18. Heidi
    Slimy & Gross, tried it but never again
  19. Hayley
    I loved this! Made it with 1 C hazelnut milk and it was lovely. Not a "real" porridge, but warm and filling. I made a big batch and it's super easy to make in the morning and then either eat at home, or pack up i a thermal container and eat it at my desk. Makes it easy to stay healthy! Thank you!
  20. Frank
    one cup Unsweetened almond milk, a heaping tablespoon of ground flax and chia, no sunflower seeds cook and let boil for one minute and stevia a tablespoon or more of butter, add in some more almond milk to cool it down to make it more liquid and it tastes really good, a little like instant oatmeal but I have it for breakfast and sometimes even for a late night snack.
  21. nancy
    On another site they recommended to combine the ingredients and let it sit overnight in the fridge and thus it thickens more naturally. I find it less "slimy" and more of a consistency of a rice pudding that way. I eat cold or heat in microwave. But I LOVE rice pudding. The texture is a personal preference and I think naming it "oatmeal" is part of the problem because there is the expectation of a firmer grainy texture. I have also mixed it with a little coconut flour which absorbs some of the "gel".

    just a suggestion.

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  23. Hannah
    I thought it tasted pretty good. But the slimy texture was unnerving. So I added a tbl of almond four. That was much better. Think tomorrow I’ll try grinding the seeds up some first. I’m feeling desperate because I am SO SICK OF EGGS in the morning.... 🤢
  24. Peter
    I love chia seeds, I used chia seeds pre-soaked for 24 hours in coconut cream. I mixed freshly ground almond flour some fresh cream and blueberries and warmed it just enough.
  25. C
    ketoconnect.net has an overnight version of this...and it includes hemp seeds. The texture is grain-like, it is good cold or warmed in the microwave, and there is no slime. They offer several variations: a wee bit of peanutbutter, or walnuts and monkfruit syrup, etc...I like recipes from dietdoctor, but this one is grim as presented here. Making crackers from the mess, and I expect them to be good.
  26. Marja
    Couldn't get past the slime from the chia seeds. Definitely not worth the carbs. Flaxseeds definitely should be ground up otherwise they just pass through our systems.
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