LCHF in Thirteen Languages!

countries2A lot of people have asked for advice on LCHF in other languages. Here are twelve more to choose from!

All the translations above are also linked from the page LCHF for Beginners. Do you have another translation or a significant improvement of one of the earlier ones? E-mail me (more info).

Do you know someone who could improve his or her health and weight using one of the translations above?

Updated: Already added another language, Portuguese!

Update 2: Romanian and Bulgarian coming up soon!


  1. Rebela
    I would like to translate it in Serbian language. I am assuming the first introductory page about the diet and reasoning behind it. Let me know how much I need to translate. I really wish to make all this information available to my fellow countrymen. They certainly can understand it in Croatian but there is no harm having it officially in Serbian! I do not have a web site.
  2. Sol y Sombra
    Hej, Kostdoktorn,

    Jag skulle gärna översätta dina kostråd om LCHF till bulgariska. Jag vet med säkerhet att en översättning skulle bli uppskattad även här i Bulgarien.

    Dessutom skulle jag hemskt gärna vilja översätta din bok till bulgariska, men det skulle vara mer komplicerat, tror jag - först skulle det vara nödvändigt att få tag på något förlag som skulle gå med på att ge ut boken och köpa rättigheterna...

  3. Laura
    EHi Doc I could translate into Italian (native speaker....) How about getting the nation of supreme grain eaters (pasta/pizza/bread) interested in LCHF??
    I am happy to do it
  4. Hi Rebela, I can recommend you a very interesting blog about LCHF in Serbian "Sylph Gourmand"
    Many regards, Anita
  5. Daisy Lindberg
    Jag är Lic. LCHF kostrådgivare och har spanska som modersmål. Jag läste den spanska versionen och hittade några fel som gör det svårt att läsa. Dessutom hittade jag fel i rekommendationerna t.ex att man ska akta sig för mjölk för "den innehåller för mycket fett"
    Jag hjälper gärna att förbättra den versionen.
  6. Thanks for all offers to help out! Please just go ahead and translate the beginner's page to your language and mail it to me, preferably as a .doc (Word) or .pdf (Acrobat reader) file - so that it's easily readable for others. My email is

    Putting your translated guide on your own website is also fine, I can then just link to it. But in that case I ask you to also include a link to the original on your page.

    If you want to improve an earlier version feel free to edit it and email me the new version.

  7. Anu
    Are these meant to be direct translations of your beginner's page? Because the two I checked out say quite different things -- the Russian and French ones. The Russian one says no fruits except berries as they contain too much sugar. The French one is much more permissive and even allows milk and all fruits in small quantities.
  8. Anu,
    The French one is a translation of a different text, not mine, but very similar advice. If someone wants to translate my text to French that would be great though.

    Regarding a little fruit or no fruit: Well that just depends on how strict you want to / need to be.

  9. Laura
    Thanks for the info about translating......
    could I mention the fact that jsut last week I attended a paleo/lchf boot camp the FIRST and only of its kind at present in the UK.
    I really and genuinely wish to praise the two people who have set it up Stuart and Lorraine both fitness instructors who adopted paleo/lchf five years ago and have never looked back. They are now spreading the good word and I for one was covnerted even before attending the camp. For those interested in a holiday where good nutritious paleo/lchf food is combined with a healthy dose of outdoors and exercise do a search for paleo slim farm...I can recommend the experience wholeheartedly!
    Better get cracking on the traslation!!!
  10. I created a supportgroup for englishspeaking people and those who are considdering a gastric surgery or have done it:
  11. You can also read my personal story out of the living hell in to a healthy LCHF-life.
  12. Rebela
    I have looked closely into the Serbian web site Anita gave me:
    LCHF is explained very well through story of a diligent store keeper. However, it is not a translaton of Andreas's introductory text on LCHF, and there is really no reference to it.
    So I will go ahead and translate the introductory page and send it,
    Greetings, Rebeka
  13. Rebela,
    That's great!
  14. Laura
    Dear Maria
    I could not connect to your blog spot..but I think it is great that people who are on the verge of giving up and considering radical surgery are given another chacne with lcHF! It can save lives and it does! Well sone and it you can send the link again that would be great :-)
  15. moreporkplease
    To really save the planet, we need it in Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi. These countries are actually where the burden of diabetes is already nearly unbearable.
  16. lowcarbcostarica
    Hi doc, I just review the spanish translations, and I prefer the another version of them. Great work you are doing. I beg for your permition to put it on my FB page Low Carb Costa Rica, because is movement is just begining here. Salutes

    Dr. Luis Soto MD

  17. lowcarbcostarica,
    Sure, use it whatever way you see fit.
  18. Maggan A
    Netherlands/Holland is on the way ;-)
  19. Lasse1
    (Sorry posted this wrong before..)

    To send them in PDF is better i belive.
    There is a free and even mutch better and smaller version of PDF Creator then Adobes own one...
    You will have to install ghostscript as well (Ghostscript is for the pdf language)
    Here are the links.

    1. Ghostscript

  20. JAUS
    A bit off topic, I would like to recomend an interesting youtube channel:

    He has made some interesting videos about MSG, aspertame and high fructose corn syrup.

    Here is his take on MSG:

  21. JAUS
    ... and here is his video on artficial sweeteners:

    I actually agree on his conclusion that Sucralose is safer than stevia. Sucralose is added to my list of sweeteners that in my opinion is safe to consume, the others are erythriol and yaconsyrup.

  22. Started to translate the beginners page into Hebrew ... :-)
  23. Hej!

    Thank you for this fantastic idea.

    All the best from Germany
    Sudda Sudda

  24. Rebela
    Dr. Andreas, I mentioned in the upper comment i would translate the Serbian version. I started it, but my college semester started on the 20 th August and I have been overwhelmed with classes and assignments that I simply did not have the time to work on it. I will try to complete it at some point so it looks good in grammar.
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  26. About the book translation it would be really nice to have it into bulgarian but may be it would be easier if you have it into english. If you wish I woulld try to help you in every way.
  27. Paul
    Właśnie ukończyłem polską wersję LCHF dla początkujących, i zapraszam wszystkich Polaków walczących o lepsze zdrowie!

    I've just finnished the Polish version of LCHF for beginners.

    Reply: #42
  28. Cecilia
    Hej Dr!
    If it's still okay, I can work on the french translation of your text.
  29. Nusaybah
    I will try and organise an Arabic translation, as I am living in the middle east now, and I know this will benefit people greatly.
  30. Zepp
  31. G2
    I have just started on the basics of a low carb diet. In the LCHF for bigginers there is no section for lentil based foods. What is your advice on lentil based soups and meals?
  32. Zepp
    Lentils is high carb food.. and beans to!

    Lentils.. typical 60/100.. fibers 30/100.. so at least 30% digestible carbs.

    But green beans is lowcarb!

  33. G2
    Thanks Zepp,
    Will stop eating the lentils at present as I am still on the first stage of low carb diet. May have to reconsider later on in my plan as I do like a lentil dhal fry curry.
  34. Zepp
    You know.. Sweden is a typical potato country.. and some dishes must have potato.. but I then limit them!

    And on thurdays, its tradional yellow pie soup with pork, with pancake and jam!

  35. tim
    Do you have it in cambodian translation.
  36. Zdraveinfo
  37. Carrol
    Love your information. Do you have them in Chinese?
    Reply: #40
  38. Benita
    Do you've got this info in Afrikaans please
    Reply: #39
  39. Zepp
    I think Tim Noakes have something in Afrikaans?

    At least his book been translated to Afrikaans.

    Here I give you some extra treats.. from ZA.. its all over the place, I think?

  40. Zepp
    Try this;

    Its probably awfull.. but anyhow!

  41. rachel
    Hi ,
    i'm very interested about promote this Diet in french language country
    Am I allowed to do that with reciprocity linking with your blog of course ?

    i'm beggining this method, but your work is something i was thinking for long years because of my knowledge with bodybuilding word , and his suppletion with insuline to get weight

    thank you

  42. Ksenia
    Gdzie jest ta wersja? Masz jakis pdf? dzieki!
  43. Ksenia
    There used to be a polish version, what happened to it? I want to pass it on to my friend as her daughter has diabetes! Thank you :)
  44. Nat Panadda
    I would like to translate it in Thai language
  45. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Nat!

    That's really kind of you! :)

    We already have a page in Thai. Please have a look and tell us what you think.

  46. Phil
    How good are the translations made by google translate? Not being bilingual I don't know about the quality of the results..
    I see they will translate entire websites from adding one url here

    For example Thai

    and even provide you with a widget to place on your website

    I know .. ads.. google... etc, but letting people know about this somehow may help those who maybe are not aware how easy it is.

  47. shazi
    kindly translate it in URDU language as well.thanks
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  49. Melanie
    I'm not that good at English. can this also be translated into Dutch. I hope so??
    Reply: #51
  50. Raul
    I want romanian!
  51. Melanie
    Netherlands/dutch translate????
  52. Jana
    Is there a Vietnamese translation? Thank you in advance :)
  53. Shayan
    I love your website, and I can help with Farsi translation if you haven't started already! Please let me know :)
  54. Siti Fatimah
    Hi Doctor, my name is Siti Fatimah and I'm from Malaysia. I love to know more info about Keto Diet if you can translate this diet in Bahasa Melayu. Thank you in advance.

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