Low-carb coconut and chocolate pudding

Low-carb coconut and chocolate pudding

Do you want dairy-free chocolate pudding? It's relatively low in sugar, all from the very dark chocolate. It's not for every day, but it can be a good dessert option for special occasions.

Low-carb coconut and chocolate pudding

Do you want dairy-free chocolate pudding? It's relatively low in sugar, all from the very dark chocolate. It's not for every day, but it can be a good dessert option for special occasions.
6 servingservings


  • 14 oz. 400 g coconut milk
  • 2 2 egg yolkegg yolks
  • 3 oz. 75 g dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa solids
  • 1 tsp 1 tsp vanilla extract


Instructions are for 6 servings. Please modify as needed.

  1. Add coconut milk and egg yolks to a sauce pan and stir to combine. Place over medium low heat and let simmer while stirring for 10 minutes.
  2. Break the chocolate into small pieces and add to a bowl.
  3. Add the vanilla and pour the coconut milk on top. Let stand for a while so that the chocolate melts.
  4. Whisk the batter and pour into glasses.
  5. Refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.


This is another recipe from popular Swedish cookbook author and blogger Åse Falkman Fredrikson.

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  1. Shelly
    I've made a chocolate mousse with nothing but good chocolate and water. You melt the chocolate, and start whipping it, and slowly drizzle in a couple of tablespoons of water. Chocolate tends to "seize up" when water is added, and the mousse exploits that behavior, and helps the chocolate whip to a nice, fluffy consistency. You just have to remember to use *good* chocolate (and it has to be at least 70% cacao for this to work). It's *delicious*.
  2. walter
    Shelly looks a really good idea, I will try it !!!!

    But in the Coconut and Chocolate Mousse recipe, how I will have to do it with 100% chocolate powder...?


  3. BobM
    Hmm...my birthday is coming up. I'm going to consider making this. If I can make it, I'll provide some feedback.
  4. BobM
    After reading the recipe, it's a bit confusing on what to do with the vanilla bean (does "vanilla stem" = "vanilla bean"?). Do you cut them up and add them to the chocolate when you add the hot mixture?
  5. Ulla W
    BobM, you cut the vanilla stem open and scrape out the smal seeds and add that to the mixture.
  6. BobM
    Thank you, Ulla. We have my birthday and my wife's coming up, so I'm looking forward to making this for one or both of our birthdays!
  7. svenskaresebloggen.
    I could really recommend this ☺ Åses recepies are always nice.
  8. Dhruv
    Thanks for this recipe. I tried this using dark chocolate with 90% coco powder..not only it turned out delicious but my blood sugar level was still under 6 (108) after a generous portion the previous night!!
  9. Linda
    This is an amazing desert. I made it on Aldi Coconut Cream 1.4 carbs per 100grams. So good, will definitely be making this again for special occasions.
  10. adele
    just wondering if you can add some shredded coconut in chocolate mould.
    thought of adding coconut, 75% chocolate, water ...... see if this gonna works.
  11. Ken F
    I am puzzled why you "throw the egg white out" of the recipe. I am a chef with 20 years experience and my advice is that as you separate the egg yolks from the egg white, take the egg whites and whip them into soft peaks. Then when the mousse is chilled to room temperature, fold in the egg whites and put in refrigerator to chill.

    I did this and it creates a very airy, delicate dessert rather than a pudding consistency which is an important element in something called, "Mousse".

    This is great that it is dairy free, but it can be made with heavy cream as well.

    Reply: #12
  12. Bjarte Bakke Team Diet Doctor
    Thanks for the feedback Ken, we've noted your advice for future recipe improvements.
  13. Tamarah
    Great Idea Ken,, thanks so much
  14. Brett
    Mine didn't set? Any ideas what went wrong?
  15. Theresa
    So, on the topic of mousse... No, I am not a chef, but I have come up with an idea which is drop dead relish!! I use coconut cream and chocolate-> the powder or hard "good chocolate" which has been melted. I these blends these TWO ingredients in a food processor or hand beater, whatever, until soft, creamy and floaty light, then spoon into cups. Refrigeration or not, but I usually must eat right away ..omg... add as desired, stevia, vanilla, or nothing at all..
  16. Russ
    Hi, Is it 16 gr. of carbs per serving or is it 16 grams of carbs for the 4 servings?
  17. Russ
    Ok checked it again and just saw it's 16 grams of carbs per serving, kind of high being that I'm trying to stay at 20 grams of carbs per day. Trying to figure out how to handle these late night sweet cravings anybody have any ideas?
    Reply: #18
  18. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    If you change 70% chocolate to 90% it should lower the carb content.

    I would recommend to eat 1-2 teaspoons of coconut oil to handle cravings, if that don't work take a little bit more...at least for some that helps....and why not a nice cup of Rooibos tea? :)

  19. MaryAnn
    Russ: you aren't eating enough fat. Avocados, pate, pork belly, toasted coconut that is unsweetened. Cook on your day off so you have enough food so that you don't get diverted to carbs that are not good for you.
  20. Jacqueline
    Elizabeth David's chocolate mousse recipe is the easiest ever. For each person - melt 30g of dark (at least 70%) in a bowl over simmering water. Separate 1 egg per person & whisk the egg white until you get soft peaks. Whisk the egg yolk lightly & mix with the melted chocolate when it has cooled a little. Scrape the chocolate/ yolk mixture into the beaten whites & fold in with a metal spoon - or cheat as I do & whisk in. Put into small pots & chill for a couple of hours. My perfect low carb dessert - but only when guests are over. Ohh & a teaspoon of brandy per serving - add to the choc/ yolk mixture doesn't hurt!

    So for 4 people - 4 eggs : 120g of dark chocolate.

  21. Carrie
    Hey Russ! I read that sour things, like dill pickles, help kill the "sweet" craving. I tried it and it works for me and other people I've told about it. Hope this helps!
  22. mel
    Russ, I have a very sweet tooth......I find this way of eating has helped me to control it to a large degree but every now and then when I am climbing the walls....I like to have a small handful nuts put in the microwave in a pyrex dish (it gets very hot) with one square of very dark choc blitzed until it melts, the nuts bulk out the chocolate and help to fill you up, heating the nuts gives them a wonderful toasted quality and the melted choc really tastes so rich... its worth the carbs of one one square as it really it hits the mark!
    Reply: #34
  23. Drachula
    I do I chocolate pudding with heated cream, melting 100% chocolate into it, then adding egg and baking in the oven. Then I eat it with berries and cream. Great, and very high in calories (which I need) and keeps me happy when kids eat chocolate pudding.
    If anyone is foody enough to convert this into a proper recipe then please do.
  24. mick
    Just made this today and it was delicious!...deffo making it again!
  25. Jackie
    What's that white stuff dolloped on top?
  26. 1 comment removed
  27. angie
    what's the over all carb average
    Reply: #29
  28. Julie
    We made this it wasnt very nice dont know what we did wrong
  29. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    This recipe has 16 g carbs/serving.
    (Hover over "Liberal Low Carb" in picture to get nutritional info.)

    what's the over all carb average

  30. 1 comment removed
  31. Liz Zirlott
    I thought there were 15 grams to a carb and I am allowed 8 carbs a day. If you are staying under 20 grams you aren't getting enough carbs.
    Reply: #32
  32. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hiz Liz!

    We call everything between 0 - 100 grams carbs/day LCHF. Liberal LCHF is closer to "100" and strict closer to "0".

    I thought there were 15 grams to a carb and I am allowed 8 carbs a day. If you are staying under 20 grams you aren't getting enough carbs.

  33. Ash
    Hi. How do I know how many carbs in each recipe?
    Reply: #36
  34. linda
    Oh yes, i know what you mean! Oh the sweet tooth. My husband is not on this lchf. And he has a biiiig sweet tooth. He just go make him some peanutbutter cookies, sweet roles, and im licking my lips! lol. I gave in one day but determined not to again, help me Lord! ? thats why im scowering this site for deserts! I could result to fruit but really cany eat it can we???? Another thing, can someone tell me what that 70 and 90% dark choc means? I want it as low in carbs as possible.Personally, i dont like it but now im verrrry willing to try this recipe!!!!!!!! God bless everyone!
  35. 1 comment removed
  36. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Ash!
    If you hover your mouse over the symbol for "Strict/Moderate/Liberal Low Carb" on the pictures for all the recipes then you will get that info.

    The amount of displayed carbs is net carbs (Total amount of carbs - fiber).

  37. Linda
    Does anyone know if it is safe to eat raw whipped egg whites (folded into mousse) if one is immunocompromised?
  38. Linda
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I've made this twice and it is AWFUL! So bitter. I made it once with cocoa powder and once with chocolate bar. (85% I believe) Both times I added a cup of sugar and folded in whipping cream and gave it to my grandchildren. It was good then.
  39. Mariola
    Can you substitute the vanilla bean with regular vanilla extract? If so how much of the extract would you use?
  40. George

    I just made the the mousse with 4 ounces of 100% chocolate and a pack a sweetener plus a spot of heavy whipping cream. It turned out great but I'm worried that I may have over done it on carbs. I ate the whole finished product. if I did my math correct, one 100% whole chocolate bar is about 38 carbs alone plus the spot of heavy whipping cream. Did I do my math correctly? There is 3 grams of fiber per 2 squares of chocolate. Do I subtract the fiber from the carb count to get my actual carbs?

  41. 1 comment removed
  42. cindy
    okay do you buy sweet or unsweet 70% chocolate?
  43. Trey
    I am having trouble getting the "pudding" to set. The first time I made this it set fine and was delicious but every time since the mixture is still a chocolate sauce even after a night in the fridge.
  44. Allan
    is that full fat coconut milk in a can or the 2 litres u can buy
  45. Beka
    How long will this last in a fridge?
    Reply: #50
  46. Jen
    I’m confused people talking about the carbs in this dish? The carbs is the number on the picture isn’t it per serving -7g??
    Reply: #47
  47. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I’m confused people talking about the carbs in this dish? The carbs is the number on the picture isn’t it per serving -7g??

    Yes, 7g carbs per serving.

  48. Maggie
    Sahil s headbanger Kitchen, sugar free chocolate mousse is 2 grams of carbs per serving and made using heavy cream, cocoa powder, 85% chocolate, butter, tiny amount of stevia and vanilla...it is so easy make...takes minutes and tastes amazing...maybe DD could put this amazing desert on here , to go alongside Sahils other great recipes...thank you
  49. Dana
    I have made this several times. It is very good and easy to make. Thanks for this recipe!
  50. Dana
    I have kept mine at least a week. I don't eat much at one time, so one batch last me for quite a while.
  51. Tina Roberts

    I tried making this but mine never set. It was still liquid after 24hrs. I still tried it yummo like drinking chocolate sauce! I would really like to know how to master this recipe as I think it could be a family favorite.
    Any suggestions on what might have gone wrong?

  52. Gina
    Mine did not set. Used 100% fresh milk made the old fashioned way from a real coconut and it just didn’t come together with the egg over heat. The flavor was good so I added cacao poweder and chia seeds to thicken it and WOW! It worked! Delish!
  53. Nichola
    Tasted great but didnt set like the picture nor was it moose like and I followed instructions which was but disappointing, but it tasted really good, so that made it better lol

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