Low-carb success stories:
Up to 20 pounds (9 kg) to lose


  • "I ditched the bread, pasta, rice and potatoes"
  • Can a keto diet cure skin disorders?
  • Losing weight without hunger – how Christina did it
  • "A light went on for me"
  • A family's keto journey
  • Type 2 diabetes reversed after 26 years of insulin dependence!
  • How Sue stopped her lifelong battle with food
  • Keto and fasting: "I feel as good as I haven't felt in years"
  • The keto diet: "My little secret lies in avocado, eggs and coconut oil"
  • "Fantastic results in 5 1/2 weeks"
  • "Can you tell that I'm slightly excited?"
  • The keto diet: "After one month only, ALL of my symptoms resolved"
  • A low-carb diet: "I had enough energy throughout the whole race, which never happened before"
  • "For the first time I am not hungry"
  • The low-carb diet: "I came off the insulin within five days"
  • "I should have believed my grandmother instead of listening to authorities"
  • "In short, it works"
  • The keto diet: "I feel fabulous"
  • Another weight-gain trend reversed
  • "A low-carb lifestyle is not as hard and restrictive as I was led to believe"
  • Maintaining weight loss for six years on low carb
  • "It's good to feel alive again"
  • "I have fun eating again!"
  • "I was told I was “diabetic” and had to go on drugs to control it"
  • "I have the key to living a healthy, fulfilling life without restrictions in a way I love!
  • "I didn’t do what I always did, so I got something else!"
  • The keto diet: "I have never felt better in my life!"
  • "My hunger is now SO MUCH more manageable"
  • "I still don’t quite understand how or why LCHF works, but it has transformed my life"
  • "Thanks to LCHF, I reversed my type 2 diabetes and life Is good again"
  • "All round benefits – wow"
  • How Jonathan ended his junk-food habits
  • Getting back in shape on LCHF
  • "This is my year of change!"
  • How Emre found a sustainable diet
  • "I came off insulin within five days"
  • "I am amazed at the results"
  • "I can’t explain the absolute joy I feel"
  • "I will NEVER go back to old eating habits"
  • "The way I look is not because of how much I exercise but because of what I choose to eat"
  • Never too old, too sick, too late to experience positive results with low-carb eating
  • "I am not hungry every minute of the day"



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