The keto diet: “I have never felt better in my life!”


Lisa was on a low-fat diet and didn’t feel good and didn’t get the results she wanted. Here’s what happened when she switched to a keto diet!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I just wanted to email and let you know how much Diet Doctor has changed my life! This is a different kind of success story, not necessarily a dramatic before and after, but I thought you might appreciate hearing a story from someone who THOUGHT she was in the best shape of her life and as healthy as she could possibly be.

Before Diet Doctor, I thought my diet couldn’t possibly be more healthy, if you are what you eat, I was 99% fat-free. I ate a typical vegetarian diet that was extremely high carb with next to no protein and I had a morbid fear of fat. I found myself struggling with our busy schedule and feeling bloated, constantly hungry and in a down mood. I just couldn’t figure out why no matter how low my calories were, the scale remained constant.

Now, thanks to you guys, I feel sensational. Incidentally, I’ve dropped 6 kg (13 lbs) and my weight stays constant, I always feel happy, my skin is clear and glowing and I have never felt better in my life! I run an online Pilates studio and we film and release streaming videos online every week to members all around the world. It’s vitally important that my physique always looks at it’s absolute best and I would be lost without my Diet Doctor membership that provides me with simple, easy to make, satisfying meals while keeping me in the best shape of my life! I constantly get asked how my body always looks so impressive and flawless and I always say it’s my keto dieting, intermittent fasting plus delicious and simple Diet Doctor recipes. It has truly changed my life.

Thank you for making my busy life that little bit easier and for keeping my body and mind in tip-top shape and always looking at it’s best!

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Congratulations on your success, Lisa and thank you for sharing your inspiring story with us!

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  1. Peg
    I did the keto diet for four months and my cholesterol wet up to 363. What did I do wrong?
  2. Alyson Fishel
    Was told with out a gallbladder and past gastric bypass surgery you can’t do Keto? Also no long term studies to show it works? Weight goes fast but you eventually put it back on
    Reply: #7
  3. Karen
    Congrats Lisa. In 199 days I have lost 37 pounds, 15 inches off my waist after changing my lifestyle to Keto. My blood work perfect.
  4. Deb
    WOW! She looks incredible! Sign me up for Diet Doctor and what she's having!
  5. Stephanie
    You look fantastic Lisa no wonder people want to know your routine! I have found the same with following Diet Doctor recipes, my skin glows and I just feel really great. P.S. I have just tried one of your free workouts on your website and it was awesome! Great article!
  6. Julia Marshall
    Focusing on eating good carbs has already had a huge impact on my weight and energy levels. So, if any of you are on the fence I strongly recommend that you give it a try with the help of the Diet Doctor.
  7. Tiffanee
    Alyson, There are MANY of us here who are both bariatric patients and Keto followers, so yes you can do LCHF after surgery. BTW, you likely know that many bariatric patients automatically have their gallbladder removed at the time of bariatric surgery just to avoid cholesystitis. If you do some research on the science behind LCHF you will find that there is a LOT of research documenting the longterm success of it. Go to the 'news' page of this website and you fill likely find no less than a dozen good studies from professional journals.
  8. WarblingLisa
    Congrats, Lisa! You are glowing with good health. Stories like this one help us to remember that although weight loss is a happy result of the healthy keto lifestyle, seeing improved HDL, Triglycerides, lower blood pressure, and experiencing less aches and pains are just as important.
  9. Margaret
    This has inspired me so much to take the next step. I would love to see a Diet Doctor interview with Lisa!
  10. Gerard
    This is amazing, so inspiring! I love hearing about these stories, especially about when people already think they are so healthy but can still transform their lives with keto. Thanks Lisa!

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