“For the first time I am not hungry”

Before and after

Before and after

Valerie made several attempts at losing weight, something that was very hard after having been in a car accident that left her unable to move much. She never succeeded.

Then she heard about ketogenic diets, and immediately became interested:

The E-mail

Over many years and difficult circumstances, I tried to lose weight only to see the weight go off and then come back on.

It has been quite a battle with limited mobility after a car accident and I was not able to exercise sufficiently to lose weight.

I tried:

  • Diet pills
  • The Weight Watchers diet but still hungry.
  • The Wesley Hospital Diet with 3 drinks a day and a salad at night.
  • The Vegan diet on the “Chip”programme, but too many sugars and carbs.
  • HCG diet where you are put on 500 cals a day with this spray, where I lost 19 kg (41 lbs), but could not continue with huge cost, after an injury at the gym with 9 months weekly chiropractors.
  • The skin specialist helped me clear up my psoriasis, where I learnt that pork was toxic for me, and no sugar and low carb, but was told that low-carb beer was permissible, which I found out later was like drinking liquid bread.
  • Body trim diet where I was on a high protein diet, which helped be rid of my diabetes, and come off any medication, but would have been toxic to remain on with no fat in it.
  • I watched a programme with Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist, in which he shared how natural fats have helped with dementure, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, diabetes… and he encouraged us to stay in ketosis.

    So this started my quest to find out more about a ketogenic diet and I needed someone who had been through the struggles to walk with me and help me find better health.

    Then I found Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, from Dietdoctor.com, where Jess Dudley, a personal trainer, who lost 80 lbs (36 kg) in a year, was featured who had come through in the last year, and found her to show the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

    I was very thankful to have access to the fourteen day trial that Dr. Andreas was offering and started to very slowly lose weight as the medication I am on for pain, also puts weight on.

    And though I had another massive fall recently, not being able to move much, I have still lost 7.4 kg (17 lbs) thanks to the inspiration and encouraging care of Jess.

    I also learnt from the book “Why we get Fat”, by Gary Taubes, a link by Gerald Reaven, which helped me learn more about this “Syndrome X” which I was diagnosed with many years ago, after a one off visit with a naturopath, and found out three things which would help this condition, plus exercise was needed to help me, so have taken to walking in the warm pool, as this condition is very hard to overcome.

    At present, I am doing intermittent fasting, recommended by Dr. Ted Naiman, on the Dietdoctor website, who helped me immensely to understand insulin resistance.

    It gives the body practice at burning fat. The fasted state is a “metabolic workout” as I have over 150 pounds (68 kg) to lose. It promotes fat loss, Improves insulin sensitivity, starves bad bacteria in the colon, promotes brain function, immune system, improves fatty liver, inflammation, normalises blood pressure and allergies.

    I was feeling that I would have to stay this weight forever. It makes me sad to think about all the wasted time for so many people, myself included. All these efforts may have worked for a time, but rebounded and were not sustainable..

    For the first time I am not hungry and my skin has cleared up,



    Congratulations Valerie, and the best of luck on your continued journey.

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