“The way I look is not because of how much I exercise but because of what I choose to eat”

Before and after

Before and after

Robert emailed us his personal story with low carb, high fat. He has always tried to fight excess weight by exercising, but the weight always kept coming back.

Here’s what happened when he found low carb, high fat:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

For most of my adult life, I tried to control my weight by exercising. I always enjoyed working out so it was easy in my 20’s to go to the gym.

Once I started working out, the weight would slowly start coming down and after weeks or months, I would see good results. The problem was that after several weeks or months of exercising, there was always something that would come up and I would stop working out. It could be lack of time, getting sick, injured or some other reason. Once I stopped exercising, the weight always started coming back again.

It has been a constant struggle and it became harder in my 30’s. With wife, kids and work, I couldn’t justify going to the gym anymore. I would still work out in the basement but it was always a losing battle.

2.5 years ago, after hearing about the high-fat low-carb diet and doing some research, I found DietDoctor.com and it has been a great help in my journey. In the beginning, I struggled with giving up carbs, especially sugar, but it became easier with time. Seeing the results kept me motivated and now LCHF is part of my life.

Recently, I dug up some old pictures from 6 years ago when I was eating mostly carbs and avoiding fat. The first 2 pictures are before and after 2 months of intense cardio exercises. I tried doing something similar at least once a year, this particular time being one of the more successful attempts at controlling my weight.

The 3rd picture is from 2 months ago, after a little over 2 years of eating high fat low carb with very little exercise. Finally, the last picture is after adding 2 months of regular exercise to my LCHF diet.

I’m 37 now and the way I look is not because of how much I exercise but because of what I choose to eat. Thank you for this great resource and keep up the good work.


Here is a longer version of my high fat low carb story on the forum I recently started.

Some people might also find this helpful: everything I recently ate for 1 week with pictures.


Congratulations on finally winning the weight battle, Robert!

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