The keto diet: “After one month only, ALL of my symptoms resolved”


Many people find their digestive issues quickly resolve on a keto diet. And here’s another happy keto stomach – Joanne has experienced fantastic benefits after only one month on the diet:

The email

Good morning Dr. Eenfeldt,

My gastroenterologist recently agreed to cancel a scheduled gastroscopy and colonoscopy after one month of me being on an LCHF [keto] diet!

My symptoms: I have had significant problems with loose stools, urgency for bowel movements, multiple bowel movements per day, severe gas (to the point my children insisted I seek help), bloating, and feelings of a clenched fist in my upper abdomen after eating.

In addition to scheduling the procedures, the gastroenterologist recommended I try an LCHF diet. This diet seemed completely contrary to what I had been taught; I had been buying low-fat products for years. She seemed well informed and given she was a specialist for the digestive tract, I trusted her to try it. My husband joined me in my efforts to show his support.

Results: After one month only, ALL of my symptoms resolved – no gas, no bloating, no urgency, one bowel movement every few days, and no upper abdominal pain. I also lost 16 lbs (7 kg) without exercise. My husband lost 16 lbs (7 kg) as well and the greatest appeal for him is that he is no longer always hungry.

Thank you for your determination to educate people. I will be following up with the gastroenterologist in a few months, but it will be in her office instead of the ER!



So happy to hear that your symptoms have resolved on keto/LCHF, Joanne. It’s a common benefit!

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