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Jonathan had been on a poor diet with lots of processed and sugary foods for a long time. When he fell asleep on a friend’s gathering after a big meal of junk food, he woke up the next morning with the knowledge that he just had to change. He started keto that same day. This is his story:

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to you today to tell you my keto story.

I have been on keto for ten months and it has changed my life. My story starts with poor eating habits and countless excuses for not changing them.

I was one-soda (or more)-a-day guy and lived at least in part on bread. I was also a chocolate fan and was no stranger to ice cream. At some point, I cut out the ice cream and soda, but even with my daily walk back and forth to work, time on feet at the office did not seem to make any difference in my weight. At 35 and 225 lbs (102 kg) and 5’7” (170 cm), I was frustrated, but still too stubborn to ask for help. I have always desired to be smaller and maybe a little more athletic. Having that mental state and not being able to support it physically is a tough spot to be in.

Looking back on it now, the one regret I have is not making the change to keto sooner. I regret not doing it sooner because I had the support and knowledge I needed to get it done. My boss, Catherine (who you featured on your site back in March) has always volunteered information about her journey and made suggestions when it comes to food and exercise. It took me a year to start taking these suggestions. I suspect my personal pride to be at fault.

As is often the case with personal pride, something eventually makes you swallow it. For me, that came on January 20, 2018, when I got together with some friends to do a photo shoot. I spent the night struggling getting up and down with my camera. To make matters worse I fell victim to poor eating habits one last time. I ordered the pizza, wings and soda, as was tradition for an Ottawa Senators/Toronto Maple Leafs game. After completing my dinner, I turned on the TV in the hotel room and fell asleep before the game was over. It was at that point I realized something had to change. I mean, if I cannot enjoy the company of good friends, a hobby I love, the food I eat or watch a full hockey game without falling asleep, what other motivation do I need?

Fortunately, waking up the next morning I already knew what to do. Knowledge is power after all. The knowledge I had gained from listening to Catherine over the preceding year put me on keto that morning and it has been my lifestyle ever since.

At this point in time having lost 45 pounds (20 kg), I am working out on a daily basis and I am closer to that person I desire to be. As for the future, I do not have any set goals because I have accomplished what I set out to do. That being said, I plan to remain on this path of smart eating and exercise which I am sure will lead to other results.

In closing, if someone reading this is looking to make a change like this I cannot stress how much the support of others can help you in your journey and sites like this can help.

Thanking you for your time.

Jonathan Bradford


Congratulations Jonathan, and thank you for sharing your story with us!

/ Andreas Eenfeldt, MD

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