“I have fun eating again!”

Starting to exercise again after getting energy back on LCHF

Good food gives you energy

Viola had always had trouble with her weight and a bad relationship with food, regardless of what diet she followed. But she never stopped searching for new alternatives. Then one day she found on Instagram what seemed to be a good solution, and decided to give it a go:

The E-mail

Dear Andreas,

I finished your 2-week program last week and I am astonished what 17 days (by now) of eating low-carb can do for my body and my mind.

I’ve always had trouble with my weight. I’ve never been obese, but overweight. I lost weight with fad diets or by eating almost nothing. But I couldn’t keep the weight off. I had a really bad relationship with food and I punished myself with more unhealthy food, when I was “weak”.

Most of the time I had a stomach ache after a meal. And I desperately wanted to change that. I’ve been searching the internet for a solution. I stumbled over acid bases balanced nutrition and stopped eating sugar and white wheat, dairy and meat. But I still had potatoes and some brown rice. I felt a little bit better and the stomach ache was almost gone. But I was still hungry all the time. I was thinking of food all the time!

I didn’t stop searching the internet for a good solution. Over a post on Instagram about Bulletproof or fatty coffee and I found LCHF and with that, I found your website.

I changed my way of eating once again. And I feel great. I have fun eating again!

I can eat melty cheese and butter (oh, how I love butter!), chicken thighs with the skin… And it’s not just what I am allowed to eat, it’s also the way I feel. I have an unknown energy I forgot I once had. My depressive state improved and I started laughing again, I have the energy to do things I love and I am so thankful for that. It’s like a ray of sunshine in the beginning, but I think it’ll be a whole sunrise when I keep eating LCHF. I still have skin problems (neurodermatitis), but I hope they will improve with LCHF. I am not planning on going back to “normal” eating again at all!

My husband was very sceptical in the beginning and he just joined me by eating low carb, because he wants to lose weight (but I am happy about that, it makes the things easier for me not getting distracted). He’s not eating LCHF most of the day (just LC), but he eats the LCHF dinners I prepare and he loves them. Maybe he will join me completely in the future… He is suffering from high uric acids and gout occurring.

I am 169 cm (5’6‘’) tall. I started with a weight of 77 kg (170 lbs) and today I weighed in at 74.5 kg (164 lbs). My body composition changed and I lost about 2 cm (1 inch) at my stomach and 2 cm (1 inch) at my waist.

If you want to, you can publish my email on your website with my first name.

I have an Instagram account where I post my meals and things referring to LCHF and my life and even fitness. Again, I was too low on energy to do anything fitness-related for the last year. But it’s good for my hormones so I started again, together with LCHF.

Thank you for your work!

Best regards,


Congratulations, Viola to your improved health and energy!

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