Keto scrambled eggs Mexican style

Here’s our third keto video recipe ever. It’s the low-carb classic scrambled eggs, but with a Mexican twist. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a flavorful, yet spicy breakfast.

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Written recipe: Keto Mexican scrambled eggs

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  1. Brooke
    I absolutely love these videos...thank you!
  2. Mary
    Good ideas to do video. It would be wonderful if these were also posted on Youtube. Even though they are "member" benefits they could drive more people to your site. Worth doing as:
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  4. Janice
    Don't think so, Mary. There are many delicious free recipes and advice on this excellent site and all some people seem to do is find something to nitpick and complain about. The more you give free, the more people seem to want.
  5. Andrew
    Love the videos too

    How do I submit a recipe I think there is an email address but cant find it ?

  6. Adriana
    I see that it sAys 4 servings for the Mexican scrambled eggs, what exactly does that mean? I am confused about portions.
  7. Rohan
    Hi can you please suggest some Indian food recipes for keto diet it will be a great help
  8. Una
    Even better if a book or a folder or recipes we could buy was published. Trying to cook from a smartphone andcall screen -based isn't easy!

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