Fathead pizza – the world’s best keto pizza?

Think you can’t have pizza on a keto diet? Think again. Here’s our mouthwatering version of Fathead pizza.

All your favorite pizza flavors, layered on top of a crunchy, cheesy, keto crust that you can eat with your fingers!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full recipe:

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  1. Niraja
    I am a vegetarian. I don't eat egg also. So my options are very limited.
  2. Juliana
    The whole pizza is 10g of carbs or just a slice?
    Reply: #3
  3. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Juliana!

    If you do the recipe (using two servings). Then it will be 20 gram of carbs.

    The whole pizza is 10g of carbs or just a slice?

  4. Nina Wichman
    "It" will be 20 gram of carbs...which "it"? The whole pizza or half the pizza?
    Reply: #8
  5. szncor
    I would like to know that also (1 slice or the whole pizza)?
  6. Cathy
    I was searching for the carbs on all on the recipes. Are they listed as "carbs per serving or for entire recipe?"
  7. Gentiann
    It's carbs per serving.
  8. Monica
    The whole pizza, if made with the exact ingredients above, would be 20 - so half of it, is 10 carbs.

    But, tbh, its safer to check your own food labels to work out the carbs, because something like potato starch added to bags of pre-shredded mozzarella can make a big difference.

    I use the recipes here as a guide for quantities, but work out my own carb count because of those discrepancies.

  9. DIEGO
    mi dough was a little wet and stick to the papper. any idea why?? i followed the recipe exactly the same amounts
  10. Debbiebagnato
    I had the same problem. Dough didn't form well, was very wet. ? I added a little more flour but still Too wet.
  11. Bev
    doesn't anybody from D.D ever answer these questions??? all their recipes are the same...They DON"T tell you if the grams are for the whole recipe or just a serving, and never say how much a serving is... I find this very frustrating. other sites I see will tell you what a serving is why can't you ?? it would stop everybody asking the same question over and over...
  12. Gentiann
    I don't agree.
    The recipes clearly say how many servings for that dish and you have the choice to choose the number of servings.
    You can choose "1 serving" option if you wish.
    The only problem I have is when the amount of carbs is given for the whole platter (meat+vegetables) rather than listing it separately.
    If you have a question or a suggestion, it's better to use the email address at the bottom of the recipe page, but remember that the recipes are a free gift from DietDoctor.
  13. Gentiann
    I made a mistake , it's not an email address : on the bottom of the page, in the blue box, click on contact, then on recipes FAQ. You can ask your question in the comment section.

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