Down 100 pounds thanks to low carb and intermittent fasting


Mark has lost 100 pounds (45 kg) and gotten rid of his high blood pressure with a low-carb diet and intermittent fasting. And he continues to experiment with his low-carb lifestyle. Now he’s getting leaner with only one workout per week:

Dear Dr. Eenfeldt,

After seeing your recent tweet regarding success stories w/ LCHF, I felt compelled to send you a pic of my transformation. From the 290s (132 kg) down to the 190s (86 kg). No more HBP meds!

I started low carb in Nov ’16 (discovered sometime around the first of the year)
I began intermittent fasting in April ’17
I have been weight stable since October ’17
I have been playing around with different LCHF/keto/IF approaches recently and slowly whittling my weight down, while gaining muscle (only ONE workout per week), and getting leaner.

Again, thank you for all the work that you and the Diet Doctor team do!



Congratulations Mark and thank you for sharing your story :-) It’s always inspiring to hear from other keto nerds who like experimenting!

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  2. Debra
    Great job Mark!!! I have been keto since March 2017. Lost a pile of weight and gained muscle. My health is such that I am off my synthroid, have tons of energy - enough to pursue my passion of hiking, skin is glowing etc. It is nice to see others also having benefits! Living Proof!!
  3. Mark
    I'm interested in reading more about the issue that Mckim is referring to...

    If it's an indictment of modern medicine and the sad state of human health, then I concur. Doctors should be seeking truth. Forty years of misguided dietary dogma have steered us straight toward an extinction-level event. It's time for the fat-phobic lies to stop.

    If the comment by Mckim was directed toward LCHF, Keto, Fasting, or any of the people that have found success with those programs, then I would be very interested in learning more about what prompted the seemingly negative comment.

  4. WarblingLisa
    Congrats, Mark! You look fantastic, and taking no (or definitely few!) meds is what we all should be striving for with this healthy lifestyle.

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