Suzanne Ryan had tried every diet, then she found keto – and lost 120 pounds

Suzanne Ryan had tried every diet imaginable, but never succeeded with losing weight. Finally, she decided to give the keto diet a go – and ended up losing 120 lbs (54 kg).

A few days ago she was on Live with Kelly and Ryan (video above), sharing some good ideas about what to eat on the low-carb high-fat diet.

Ryan has also published a new cookbook – Simply Keto – and after her TV appearance it skyrocketed to #3 on the Amazon charts… in all books! Super impressive:


Image credit: Jimmy Moore

You can visit Suzanne Ryan’s website Keto Karma to learn more about her journey, or pick up a copy of her book on Amazon: Simply Keto.

For even more keto inspiration, check out the links and recipes below.

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  1. Linda Logan
    Why would you buy a book when everything is here for free.
    Another person just trying to make a fortune off of unfortunate people who simply want to lose weight and live a healthy life!
  2. Lua
    Why is it that when somebody makes money off of sharing their experience, they are somehow greedy, or trying to take advantage of people?
  3. Marieliz
    Any harm in making a living whilst helping people guys? I’m a Social Worker so if that were the case then I would be in financial trouble. All the best beautiful people. Marie xx
  4. Yvonne
    People can hear the same message from different sources. Usually it's when they are really ready to receive the information that they put a plan in effect. Sometimes it takes a vested interest.
  5. Xotomi
    If you only care about drinking instead of health benefits, like the lady assumes everyone does, maybe you have a bigger addiction problem to deal with? Hopefully not. The benefits of Keto far outweigh the benefits of drinking a little wine.
  6. Suzie
    I read about Suzanne's journey before I even knew about her cookbook. Because I was so inspired by her I purchased it. It's the best Keto cookbook I've found, and because it's working for me I would've paid whatever the price. I'm grateful to her for sharing her story and her recipes. Hope she makes a fortune off it.

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