How to make crispy chicken skins

Are you missing those crisp potato chips on the keto diet and are looking for the perfect substitute? Your wish is our command! We present our super crispy chicken skins! Super fast and easy to make as you can see in this step-by-step video. Dip’em in your favorite dip and you can kiss your ol’ potato chips cravings goodbye!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

About the video

Featuring: Jill Wallentin
Filming: Giorgos Chloros, Jonatan Victor
Editing: Jonatan Victor
Production assistant: Emőke Csoma
Styling & props: Jill Wallentin
Motion graphics: Mattias Lindberg
Production: Diet doctor
Location: Studio nummer nio, Stockholm
Year: March 2018

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