All men 0-39 low-carb & keto success stories


  1. "I've lost 66 pounds in barely four months! I feel fantastic"
  2. A family's keto journey
  3. A story about challenges, love and hope
  4. "I ditched the bread, pasta, rice and potatoes"
  5. Low carb and me – my journey as a GP
  6. "Keto has been miraculous"
  7. "Intermittent fasting and keto together both changed my life"
  8. "Keto is not a diet, it is a way of life"
  9. The keto diet: "What I couldn’t believe was how easy it was!"
  10. "It was amazing and the weight just started to drop"
  11. The result of a stricter LCHF and intermittent fasting
  12. "It is a lifestyle change and not a diet"
  13. How to reverse diabetes and lose 93 pounds without hunger
  14. How Javier went from morbidly obese to having a new life
  15. Minus 145 pounds thanks to a keto diet
  16. 93 pounds lighter on one-year low-carb anniversary
  17. How Ricardo lost 240 pounds
  18. "The fact that I felt 15 years younger couldn’t be ignored"
  19. "I am literally 60% of the man I used to be"
  20. Dad lost 91 lbs thanks to keto and running!
  21. "Whatever I had known about a healthy diet was completely wrong"
  22. How the Miller family regained their health
  23. LCHF diet helps New Zealander shed 75 kilos
  24. "Without LCHF it is not possible!"
  25. Johan lost 126 pounds on a LCHF diet
  26. 4.5 years with keto and IF and "everything got better"
  27. Before and after a year with LCHF
  28. Sugar addiction and ADHD kept under control with LCHF
  29. Losing 130 lbs with LCHF - and still counting
  30. "I found one of your videos, that was the light in the darkness"
  31. "I finally kept my promise to my mom"
  32. How Jonathan ended his junk-food habits
  33. "I was looking for something fast and effective"
  34. "My weight is stable and my mood is escalating"
  35. How Emre found a sustainable diet
  36. Losing 143 pounds in a year with LCHF
  37. Low-carb couple loses almost 600 pounds together!
  38. "Feeling amazing about life again"
  39. "LCHF has changed my life"
  40. "My results speak for themselves"
  41. "It’s like you eat and you lose weight, who would have thought of it?"
  42. The low-carb diet: "No constant hunger, no glucose crash and tasty food!"