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Are you eating low-carb but not getting all the results that you want? Eating stricter (fewer carbohydrates) is one method of getting better results. Adding intermittent fasting (like 16:8) is another one.

Here’s what happened when Mattias used both methods simultaneously:

The Email

Hi Andreas,

I just want to thank you for your blog/website and all the motivation it provides.

I’ve eaten LCHF off and on the past few years but decided a year ago to eat a stricter LCHF diet. Besides the obvious that I have lost 7 ½ inches (19 cm) off my waist circumference and 24 lbs (11 kg), my digestion is a lot better and I feel more energized.

I’m far from done with my journey, but hope to continue to build muscle with my four workouts per week. (Yes, you can exercise at the gym while on LCHF for those who don’t believe this).

Since a few months back I eat LCHF in combination with 16:8 which clearly has moved things in the right direction. I don’t miss breakfast and never during this year have I felt that I’ve made a sacrifice.

Totally OK to post this if you feel that it could motivate others.

Again, thank you for a great website!



Congratulations on your successes, Mattias!

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  1. Apicius
    Congrats Mattias! I totally agree with this method. I stalled after eating strict LCHF . It wasn't until introducing fasting with LCHF that I began to see real results. The good news is that LCHF helps reduce hunger.
  2. sebaibai
    Congratulations. If you say you never miss breakfast how do you spread your 16:8, when do you take your breakfast exactly?
  3. Ashley
    How do you feel about drinking bulletproof coffee during the fasting period? Supposedly it doesn't throw you out of fasting mode. Open to comments and advice on this!
  4. Tanya
    Well done Mattias! What exactly is 16:8, do you fast for 16 hours and eat normally for the 8? Just interested as I have not long started my journey.
  5. Candice
    wow how awesome!! Congrats!!
    I am also very keen to find out what the 16:8 means exactly? I am in my mid 40ties and feel I am putting on weight now even though I eat LCHF so was thinking of cutting back on fats but then was told fats cant make you fat. Really need a "reboot" so to speak -any advise would be awesome!
  6. Bron Neville
    When and how long is the fasting period whilst on the LCHF diet?
  7. dave
    16:8 is a intermittent fasting plan designed to fast for 16 hours, and then eat, normally, within an 8 hour window. best practice is actually starting the fast, or counting, rather, the time you fast from the time you go to bed. recommendations are that you get at least 6 hours of sleep, for those who think they can survive off of less. I used to, i get it. but at least six hours of sleep, so ten hours after waking, you can have your first meal. when combined with lchf, the results for reducing bloodsugar and high blood pressure are amplified, as well as burning off fat, boosting your metabolism, and balancing your hormones. when the 16:8 and lchf are used in tandem, you wont miss, or have the cravings for food in the morning, and within a few days, typically, you will find eating by the 16:8 schedule effortless and non-intrusive. for the first day or so, if you do find you have the cravings in the morning, grab a bottle of water, and drink until you feel "full". I had to do this for the first two days, after which, cravings were gone, and i was feeling more energized. havent had any cravings since. also, if you do have any carbs planned for your day(i try to take in less than 30-40 grams a day) eat them before you go to bed. they will help prevent the cravings the next morning. usually adding a healthy dose of fat along with a pre-bedtime meal also helps. hope this clears up any questions about the 16:8! good luck.
  8. DerickL
    Can you have coffee with a little heavy cream in the mornings or absolutely nothing?
    Reply: #9
  9. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Technically you just can drink coffee...but a little cream for taste hardly matters. :)

    Can you have coffee with a little heavy cream in the mornings or absolutely nothing?

  10. Anna
    LCHF combined with interminant fasting (16:8) has made an enormous difference for me personally.

    I never feel hungry, am able to eat dinner out with people occasionally without it being an issue. The weight has just dropped and this is from someone with very irregular exercise habits.

    It's been about 2 months and with the below general eating habits and not much exercise I've lost around 5kg (not a massive amount but I'm short and before this kept my weight under control via non-processed eating and portion control. However, changing to LCHF and the 16:8 eating makes it so easy because I can eat all this delicious food and not even have to think about portion control - I just let myself eat as much as I want and usually the HF means that I automatically need less.)

    Between 7am and 3pm I stuff as much fat and protein in as I want but I'm pretty careful to not eat anything after that.

    It's usually bacon and eggs for breakfast, snacks include carob powder drink with coconut cream, hard cheeses, nuts, some fruit, butter and or peanut butter totally slathered on GF bread (I know it's HC but the homemade stuff I makes is mainly nuts and seeds) and a really big meal in the early afternoon of meat with veggies and buttery sauce or a curry. Also as much green/jasmine/ginger tea as I can drink - they're great anti-inflammatories and appetite suppressant etc.

    I also often eat a GF burger or pizza out or real gelati (the real stuff, which is mainly eggs and cream) and it hasn't made a diffence.

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