“I was looking for something fast and effective”

Before and after

Before and after

Avishek Nag , Ireland, had been overweight most of his life and was bullied as a kid. Finally he reached a turning point – while pursuing the woman he’d fallen in love with – and wanted to find something that would make weight loss sustainable. He was looking for something fast and effective.

Here’s his story:

The Email

Dear Andreas,

I wanted to share my story with you as a token of gratitude because LCHF way of eating has really changed my life in a positive way. I really want to spread this concept of LCHF to more people who are buried under conventional nutrition myths. I must thank you and other experts who back this science of low-carbohydrate living unlike other self-proclaimed experts.

My journey started a year back in January, 2014. I have been a fatso for most of my life and has been under constant bullying and harping regarding my health and physique from my friends and family. I was very much shrouded under the addiction of food and did not pay attention to anyone or anything. I kept on eating the junk and piling on the weight. But then suddenly I fell in love with someone and to win her heart I needed to put down some weight. That was the turning point. I did some self-assessment and decided that I should do something about my weight, which could solve most of my problems and make everyone around me happy.

I tried many diets and exercise routines previously and could lose some weight but eventually could not stick to them and could not keep the weight off. So, this time I was looking for something that is fast and effective. Then I came to know about low-carbohydrate lifestyle from a friend and slowly I started to do my own research on this intriguing subject. While doing my research I found YouTube lectures, blogs, and articles of many experts which included your blog too (www.dietdoctor.com). I felt that I found a treasure in front of me. I was always a meat and egg-lover and LCHF lifestyle fell completely in tune with my likings. I thought if I could suppress say, 20% of the stuff that I liked to eat (e.g., rice and bread and potatoes) and still can enjoy the 80% stuff that I like (e.g., meat, eggs, fish, butter) and lose weight, how beautiful would be that?! And thus started the beautiful journey of LCHF.

I kept losing weight, and felt very energetic and lively. I was enjoying every bit of it and gradually it became my greatest passion. I kept on looking up into different scientific evidence on how healthy this lifestyle is beyond weight loss. I lost about 35 kilograms (77 lbs) in a year, I lost 10 inches (25 cm) of waistline, I ran my first ever 5k (3 mile) run, my blood pressure dropped from 160s/100s to 130s/80s, I did my first 35 km (22 mile) hike and so on. My life became full of positivities and everyone who love me are very happy with it. I would like to continue with this lifestyle and would also like to inspire people to embrace this healthy way of eating. I have a dream, that the war against conventional nutrition myths which are based on false research, end soon and people realise how a low-carb/LCHF/paleo style lifestyle can end most diseases. Thanks for the good work that experts like you are carrying on!

Yours truly,

Avishek Nag, Ph.D.
Dublin, Ireland

P.S.: It is ok to publish my photo and name.


Avishek writes in the comments below that he did actually win the heart of the girl he loved, they are now about to be married.


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