‘I finally kept my promise to my mom’

Before & after

Before & after

Believe it or not, you can overcome a lifelong struggle with your weight — by eating more. 

Christoph from Austria sent Diet Doctor an email describing how following a low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) diet — after years of trying different diets — helped him to finally slim down for good.

As a result of his new lifestyle, Christoph was also able to bond with his mother, who also started following a low-carb diet before she passed away.

Christoph tells Diet Doctor that he was finally able to keep his promise to his mother that he’d get healthy, lose the weight, and finally get his “dream body.”

Christoph’s email has been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Christoph’s story:

Hello Andreas!

Here’s my story.

I was overweight my whole life. At age 12, I weighed 200 pounds (92 kilos) and I was 5′ 8″ (175 cm). At this young age, I started experimenting with useless diets.

Later, in August of 2009, when I was 18, I reached my highest weight of 277 pounds (or 126 kilos) and I stood 6′ 1″ or (187 cm).

My mom, who was a nurse at a hospital, was so worried about my weight because she had to deal with strokes and heart attacks every day at work. She also had a minor weight problem, so we decided to start improving our health together.

At first, we started doing Weight Watchers. It was OK eating so many whole-grains food items, but really, I felt hungry all of the time.

After six months of following Weight Watchers, I managed to lose 44 pounds (20 kilos). I felt great, but it wasn’t long before my progress stopped.

I still remember the week where I suddenly regained 4.4 pounds (2 kilos). It was then that I promised my mom: “Don’t worry! I will still get my dream body!”

I even thought of that evening, even when my brother came and said, ” … Mama has died.”

After my mother passed, one year passed and although I wasn’t in a place to exercise, I still tried to keep up with what I thought was a “healthy” lifestyle.

I ate lots of  whole grains — and almost no fats — but I finally regained 33 pounds (15 kilos). At this point, I was desperate to find an effective solution.

In March of 2011, I decided to give Weight Watchers another try. Within a few months, I again weighed 225 pounds (102 kilos).

Then, this sudden weight loss plateau happened again. I didn’t lose any weight for months. In fact, I started regaining some weight again. At that time, I rode my bicycle for about 16 hours a week and ate around 1,500 calories a day.

And so, finally, in January of 2013, my weight loss still was at a stall. I made the radical decision to start eating every other days. I ate around 2,000 calories on one day, and then nothing (only tea or water) on the second.

Finally, I saw my weight drop down to 198 pounds (or 90 kilos.) And, after a while, when I once again saw my weight loss get “stuck,” I decided to do exactly what the medical guidelines tell me to do.

At least 60% of my calories came from carbs (especially whole grains) and less than 30% from fats. My weight didn’t change and I started feeling horrible.

I also had these extreme cravings for chocolate and “junk foods” like that. When I couldn’t resist anymore, I would eat lots of donuts and cake. And I regained 6.6 pounds (3 kilos) in one week’s time.

It was around this time that I thankfully found Diet Doctor. I began Googling around for any diets that felt opposite to what I was doing. I searched for “low carb,” and landed on this wonderful page called DietDoctor.com, which introduced me to low-carb experts, such as Gary Taubes, Stephen Phinney, Robert Lustig and — of course! — Andreas Eenfeldt.

For exercise, I started doing Freeletics, which is similar to Crossfit, but I was still was eating a lot of carbs and hadn’t yet changed my diet drastically. Combining exercise with weight watchers helped me to gain an enormous amount of muscle — but I also gained fat.

It was then that I started following a LCHF diet. After 10 days of feeling horrible, I suddenly felt that energy inside of me. I ate 3,000 calories a day and my weight dropped. I couldn’t believe it. I was eating 80 % of my calories from fat and almost no carbs (30 g a day) So, I stopped counting my calories and ate what I wanted to.

Now, in October 2014, my weight is at 174 pounds (79 kilos) and my body-fat percentage dropped to 9%. I’ve even got a six-pack of abs!

This means, I’ve lost 103.2 pounds (46.8 kilos) overall. Without LCHF, I know I would have regained the weight.

I still eat what I want and don’t gain any weight. My cravings are completely gone now and I feel great. And, most importantly, I finally kept my promise to my mom. I now have my “dream body.”

Thanks from Austria,

P.S. My grandma is now doing LCHF, too. Her blood pressure is normal now and she doesn’t take diabetes medication any longer.


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  1. Nikki Lowson
    Amazing achievement!
    Congratulations Christoph :)
  2. Lisa Miller
    Photoshop is a hell of a program!
    Reply: #34
  3. Rolf
    Großartig ! Herzlichen Glückwunsch.
    (Ihr Österreicher braucht eigentlich gar nicht in die Ferne
    schweifen. Ihr habt doch die "Bibel" der richtigen Ernährung:
    Dr. Wolfgang Lutz: Leben ohne Brot.
    Richte mich seit 35 Jahren mit Erfolg danach)
  4. Vicente
    Amazing change, Christoph.


  5. Mark
    Well done!
  6. Doreen Cavaxza
    What an amazing job! I'm sure your mom would be both happy and proud. Also, please know that success stories like yours is helping to keep me on track with my own LCHF road to health and success story (soon to come). Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
  7. Misko
    Wow, great job and good for you!

    Commenter no2 even says your picture is photoshopped, it seems, lol; which can actually be taken as a compliment. Seems you've got sugar burner(s) not even believing their eyes!

    Very inspiring story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Murray
    Congratulations on your persistence and adaptability to find out what works for you, despite the advice of so-called experts. I regained a six pack and sub10% body fat too on LCHF, without working out much. I run the dog in the morning about 6 km per week (with some sprinting), walk maybe 30 minutes per day, use a standup desk and do long walks, roller blading, kayaking, skiing or bike rides on the weekends, depending on the season.
  9. Raquel
    Very impressive story. I wish my friends heard me more about LCHF... but they prefer keep on whole grains and "light" processed food.
  10. Sandy
    what about cholesterol? my results went up on recent lab tests--to 284--help
  11. Sandy
    cholesterol results went up---LDL All other parts were good the ratio was 3.0 Please tell us what to do---thanks
    Reply: #14
  12. Anthony
    I have lost 45 pounds since Jan,2014. BUT......the weight loss has stopped and it is very frustrating.......But I will continue to eat the grain free,wheat free, sugar free low carb way.
  13. SteveC
    Lisa Miller - you're an idiot.

    Well done Christoph, fantastic effort!

  14. jim
    Hi Sandy!

    A Total:HDL ratio of 3.0 should be just fine (somewhat better than average). LDL does not tell you anything, if you don't analyze the numbers and sizes of those LDL particles.

    Even more predictive of cardiovascular health is the ratio TG:HDL. Assuming your cholesterol AND triglyceride levels are both measured in mg/dl, a ratio below 2 is ideal. 4 and above is bad.

  15. Sandy
    thanks, Jim
    trigly is 69
    HDL is 95
    VLDL is 14
    LDL is 175
    total chol is 284
    ratio is 3.0
    I am going to get back to consuming more coconut oil.
    This should help the levels when I retest in 6 months--would you agree?
    thanks again!!
    Replies: #17, #18
  16. JaseyinSF
  17. jim

    your TG:HDL ratio is 0.73 - that's ridiculous, in a positive sense. The same for your Total/HDL and HDL/LDL ratios.

    Yes, your LDL ist rated "high". But how bad is that, from an LCHF perspective?

    You may go for a more expensive cholesterol particle size/number test, to further assess your risk. I don't believe you got familial hypercholesterolemia, you levels are still too low.

    Reportedly, olive oil (high in monounsaturated oleic acid) does not raise LDL, but still raises HDL.

    I'd try to largely replace coconut oil (mostly contains saturatet fatty acids) by fats/oils higher in monounsaturated fatty acids. Also, try to consume more omega-3 fats (from animal sources; vegetable omega-3 is inferior and always comes with omega-6).

    You cold also try "high oleic" breeds of sunflower oils. Also, butter and lard consist only of (roughly) one half saturated fats - the other half is oleic acid.

  18. Zepp

    It should be 6 or less, 5 is better, 4 or less is very good!

    You got a very high HDL!

    And a very low trig!

    Dont change a wining concept!

    The Cholesterol Conundrum - and Root Cause Solution


    Reply: #22
  19. Christoph
    Hey everybody!
    Thanks for the congratulations! (especially to JaseyinSF :D )

    @ those with the cholesterol "problems":
    Like already said: high total-cholesterol is not important, high HDL is perfect and high LDL doesn't tell you anything. With LCHF in 99.99% of cases it means LDL high but VLDL very low, so don't be worried (do a particle size test to be sure if you want). Your trig's should also be low.

    If your numbers are like this then you will get 120 years (at least if you're careful about crossing the road... ;) )

    Replies: #27, #29
  20. Mitch

    You asked for help on what to do.
    They are very close to my numbers 18 months ago.

    My self prescribed 'treatment' was keep eating/moving/living the same way - lots of quality foods with heaps of natural fats, occasionally skipping meals ( often not hungry), walking, cycling, and some gym.

    I'm healthy, lean/muscular, fit, strong, active and happy - what do you think I should I do?

  21. dan
    Hmmm what I found really interesting was how he said that he had a similar feeling dropping the carbs as when he gave up smoking. I just mentioned this same feeling on my latest blog post -


    Maybe there actually is an addictive component to this.

  22. jim

    The video was enlightening, thx. ;-)

    Reply: #23
  23. Zepp
    Yeah.. he does a great jobb.. and I think moste people understand:

    ""But he has nothing at all on!" at last cried out all the people. The Emperor was vexed, for he knew that the people were right; but he thought the procession must go on now! And the lords of the bedchamber took greater pains than ever, to appear holding up a train, although, in reality, there was no train to hold.

    Hans Christian Andersen"

  24. Michael
    Excellent transformation! Congratulations on your progress. I hadn't heard of Freeletics but I checked it out after reading your story. Thanks for sharing.
  25. Till
    your story is very inspiring to me, since I am trying to do the exact same thing you did. I started LCHF and Freeletics about three weeks ago. Also our measurements are very similar. I am 1,92 with 116kg and my goal is to get that weight down to 90kg. So I am a little bit lighter than you were and I won't need to go down in weight as far as you did.
    So it's very motivating to read that you lost more weight than I need to lose, by doing exactly what I am doing right now.
  26. This Guy
    Good job.
  27. Samantha
    Well done christoph
    what a good looking boy
    i will be starting lchf diet this week, feeling nervous
    is there a way to contact you personally?
  28. Alvin
    Hey ,

    Do you did any fasting during the HFLC Diet and can you share your recieps and meal plan?

  29. Stephen

    Your story is inspirational and i am looking to join the low carb club. Any advice you can give or support i would be truly grateful.

    You have done amazingly well and look fantastic.

  30. Leona
    Whoa! X
  31. April
    Nice work! You've got this!
  32. James
    Wow. It is incredible.
    Why isn't this knowledge required curriculum in schools?
    Answer; ignorance, corruption and food propaganda.
    Directed at children. Where is the outrage?
  33. Rishi
    Amazing ! Great work :) !!
  34. John J
    Lisa, jealousy is a very ugly thing.

    Photoshop is a hell of a program!

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