‘I’ve lost 66 pounds in barely four months! I feel fantastic’


Before and after

It is absolutely possible to lose a lot of weight (even in a short time) on low-carb – and Christofer is one of these people who successfully did that. If you want to know how, then continue reading!

The email

Hello Andreas!

Our family consists of me, Christofer, 35 years old, and my wife Marie, 36 years old and our five children Sally, Hugo, Sixten, Julius and Ida. We just want to start out with saying thank you for a great website and that you and Annika Dahlqvist sparked our interest in LCHF and intermittent fasting. Thank you!!

So to the results ?

I started with LCHF on the 11th of December 2016 and at that time I weighed 121.6 kg (268 lbs), I’m 187 cm (6’1″). As I write this, I weigh 91.6 kg (202 lbs) so in other words I celebrate that I’ve lost 30 kg (66 lbs) in barely four months! It’s fantastic and I feel amazing! I should add that I have not exercised more than four runs of 4 km (2 miles) each throughout this time so exercise has not been a contributor to my weight loss.

As I write this, I am also on the third day of a 7-day water-only fast. It’s going to be very exciting to see how my body responds to this.


Marie successfully lost weight after her pregnancy with LCHF

My wife started with LCHF on the 27th of December 2016 with a starting weight of 88 kg (194 lbs) and today she weighs 75.7 kg (167 lbs) so she can wear pants that she bought when we met 13 years ago and five children ago ?????

I should also add that she gave birth to our fifth child on the 9th of November and weighed 95 kg (209 lbs) right before the delivery.

Christofer and family


Congratulations Christofer – this is simply put amazing!

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  1. Jess
    7 day water only fast? Seems a little extreme doesn't it? I love intermittent fasting I generally do the 16hour.. 8 through the night then 8 in the morning/early afternoon. But water only? Power to you for losing so much weight.
    Reply: #2
  2. Apicius
    7 day water fasts are not extreme. Look into Dr Jason Fung and his fasting protocols.
  3. Anand.J
    This is Inspiring. Keep it up. I am somewhere along that path. Don't have a lot to loose but I am trying to drop 30 lbs. I already reversed diabetes type 2 for 2 years. just cutting out all Carbs.
  4. Kathy
    "It is absolutely possible to lose a lot of weight (even in a short time) on LCHF – and Christofer is one of these people who successfully did that."

    It helps if you're a 30-something male. Just sayin'.

  5. Karen
    I applaud everyone who has such great results. Well done!!!
    I'm keeping track of macros, doing as well as I can, exercising, drinking lots of water and I still can't seem to lose. Thought I was doing well for a few weeks and lost 12 but the second I vary my meals, I gain again.
    I guess I haven't found my keto sweet spot yet... I'll keep trying (been eating Keto since January 1st this year).
  6. robyn
    I have cut out all carbs including fruits, and sugars. i eat vegetables and meat only. I cannot lose weight. I don't understand what I am doing wrong. Trying very hard and not seeing results. help!
    Replies: #9, #11, #12, #21, #24
  7. Ryan
    Awesome work! I just passed 60# since Jan 2, 2017, 16/8 fasting has helped a ton.
  8. merton james gregg mcpeak
    I have lost weight but the loss has stopped. If I get my carbs low enough to lose weight my ongoing battle with constipation comes back with a vengeance. Water consumption reaches 96 ounces/day and I am incapacitated by going frquently or worse yet a leaking bladder and 8 hours of restful sleep is impossible. So my solution is to limit water to 96 ounces and yo yo my weight about 5 pounds in a week and take lots of chemicals for the constipation problem and eliminate our social life for fear of a leakage problem or worse yet when the laxatives finally kick in. It's not fun.
  9. Lisa Ingram
    Hi Robyn! Just asking, could you be eating too much meat or lean meats? Extra protein will convert to sugar(then fat) if not used. How's your sleep? 10pm sleeptime? Also some people like me don't respond well to taking stimulants because our lives are already stressed enough. This can stop weightloss also because adrenaline can cause cortisol to increase which stops fat burning. I stopped all forms of caffeine(chocolate, black tea, green tea, coffee included) for a few months. No exercise after 2 pm so your natural melatonin kicks in and the body gets better sleep. Also how are you with your electrolyte/water intake?(Magnesium, potassium, sodium). I started drinking lemon water and using magnesium and eating more spinach and avocados. I know you didn't ask for all that info, but I hope it helps. Blessings.
  10. Debbie
    Congratulations, thank you for sharing your story, very inspiring and encouraging.
  11. Debbie
    Hi Robyn,

    Are you getting your fats? Are you using the butter and olive oil to cook your meats? I follow all my recipes from this site, that helps so much than I know I am doing what they recommend. I had to watch and listen over several times the videos. Once I totally understood, only eat when hungry and use the fats, I am full and only eat when hungry. I don't eat just because the clock says it lunch time...only eat when hungry and use the fats to fill up. It works. Hope you start having success, not sure if you did the two week challenge, but it is amazing.

  12. Paul
    My wife found she had similar results to you but she was feeling very tired as well so got checked out by the doctor who found she had a thyroid problem and now has to take all sorts of tablets
  13. Mark
    That's fantastic weight loss! Good for both of you.
    I can certainly relate to others here having weight loss plateaus. I lost around 70 lbs my first year on LCHF including adopting intermittent fasting, doing the 16/8 plan. We just don't eat breakfast anymore. This year, I haven't really lost any weight and I'm 3 1/2 months in. Curiously, my body has changed and I look like I'm still losing but in fact I'm not. I'm in my late 50's and still have about 80 lbs to reach my ideal weight. I watch all the videos, prepare all of the food, try to eat under 20 grams of carbs per day and basically am now following a much stricter ketogenic diet with protein between 80 - 120 grams per day. I have my carb/fat/protein ratio pretty darn perfect most days and yet have seen very little progress. I just became strict keto in the last two weeks but I have lost some hope. The good news is I still feel way better eating this way. No more acid reflux, calmer less inflamed body, very few cravings, and delicious food. I'm going to stick with it but just felt like affirming others here who are still struggling along. Good luck everyone. Thanks for everyone's inputs and motivation. : )
  14. Vicki
    Reply to comment #8, Merton James.
    It sounds like you could eat more fiber, Chia seeds and psyllium husk added to plain yogurt might help your gut biome improve. Also consider adding things like sauerkraut and pickles to your diet. Both my husband and I have improved our digestive issues on this diet, but it can take some tweaking.
  15. Ron
    My own story is that at 53 I have been eating KetoDiet for two months. The key for me is plenty of butter. It's too easy to find protein so add fat. I spend a lot of time in Paris and I found grattons de canard in my local Carrefour supermarket. So good. So fat.
    Also, when fasting, I tend to be pretty much water only or occasionally a handful of spiced macadamia nuts. Works for me.
    Good luck to you all.
  16. Lassie
    This is question for anyone .... I am 56 year old female. Week 3 and only down 5 lbs. Little discouraged. I think I am following plan because I am not hungry. I feel great but wish weight would come off faster. I did this plan a few years ago and lost 20 lbs in 8 weeks. Now, after going thru menopause I seem to be stuck. Any words of encouragement?
  17. Tony
    Okay I'm losing weight too. BUT... I definitely believe there is a sub-set of individuals that don't respond favourably to low carb eating and I believe I'm one of them. If I eat three very low carb meals a day supplementing with protein and fat, I lose weight very, very slowly or not at all.

    Plus, I have been just as successful in the past losing weight on a low fat regime. The reason I'm losing weight now (I believe) is because I only eat one meal per day (dinner) and fast the rest of the time. I'm almost convinced that in my case anyway, it's a case of 'energy in... energy out'.

    Even when i was very large some years ago, my blood sugar was quite low. I've never had an issue with sugar in my blood. Anyone else like this?

  18. Joan
    HI Lassie,
    I am 61 and my weight loss is slow too, but keep it up. This diet is healthier. I started eating just one meal a day with butter and cinnamon or bullion whenever I feel hungry.
  19. Lisa Wadham
    Hi Merton,
    please don't lose heart. Keep trying and tweaking, you will get there. I have found lemon essential oil great for inner cleansing, promoting regularity. I add it to my water and drink it.Make sure you only use 100% pure oil. Good luck,Lisa
  20. Joy
    I'm a 63 year old woman losing weight with LCHF. Eating berries for fruit. Sometimes nuts in the afternoon. One or two servings of veggies with butter, cheese or dressing every meal. Every meal includes a good protein. I add chia seeds and flaxseed meal at least once or twice a day. I like the texture and the crunch. No problem with constipation. With the grace of God (seriously) I stopped eating junk. No more chips, bread products, cookies, or crackers. I'm so happy to be able to move better, and have more energy. It is worth it. Also, I'm not using a scale - just focusing on my eating habits.
  21. Rosalie
    Most likely you need to eat more fat... add butter, heavy cream sauces, coconut cream, avocado and bacon to your meals and see if your weight loss picks up. At first it feels foreign I eat so much fat, but it's healthy fat that fills you up and helps you lose weight. Add unsalted butter and MCT oil or coconut oil to your coffee to hot tea to get more fat into your diet.
  22. Corrodine Devonshire
    Congratulations to all of you and your successes. I'm a diabetic on Insulin and find it so hard to lose any weight. I've been doing low carb for ages, can't seem to shift my belly fat. I drink water but cannot fast completely, due to the Insulin regime. Would be grateful for any tips. I need to lose, three stones. Thanks in advance.
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  24. Nina k singh.
    I'm 55?years old , suffer from hashimoto thyroiditis . Feel better after leaving gluten ( no acid reflux anymore but struggling with weight loss. Seem to add in every year despite having a low carb diet. Help.

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