Acne (and IBS) vanished with a diet change

Before and after

Before and after

Can severe acne be cured with a diet change? This is still controversial but there are many who have experienced this and there are studies that prove that it may work.

I received an email from Micke, and here’s his story, translated from Swedish:

The email

Hi Andreas!

Here’s yet another success story that I’m happy to share with everyone out there, who has acne issues. I have other success stories in other categories that I’d like to share in the future, if there is interest.

Since my early teens I’ve had major problems with acne. Extremely severe acne, I should add. As for many others, my problems started out fairly undramatically. A pimple here and there. Mainly in my face, but was that so strange? But it spread like wildfire and my cheeks and neck looked like the picture to the left. With other words a crater. But this was far from hell.

The acne spread further and I’ve never felt so physically and emotionally poor as I did then. The acne grew into large abscesses and I had, among other things, such a hard time leaning against the back of a chair that it simply wasn’t possible. It hurt incredibly just being caressed over the shoulders or back. My bed sheets looked like a murder investigation scene because of all the blood. Many nights I had trouble sleeping because of pain.

I finally did what so many others do. I contacted the health care system and received a lot of tips, none of which worked. I’ve tried ointments, aloe vera cures, homeopathic medicine and oils. Nothing out there really produced any significant results, and finally I got tired of it and thought that hopefully this would subside with age. Not so…

After many years with subsiding and recurrent acne, at 21 years of age I had finally had it and went in for one last doctor’s visit. I wanted to put an end to this. I should add that it wasn’t just for the acne that I went to the doctor but also for, among other things, issues with undiagnosed IBS and fatigue.

I received advice on trying antibiotics, which I was prescribed. I went to the pharmacy to fill the prescription and felt somewhat anxious as I had read the very same day about antibiotics to patients with acne, who didn’t improve, and many of whom had gotten worse acne with various side effects from the medicine. So this was my absolute last resort, I thought.

I came home and read the package insert and died a little inside when I read that the medicine should not be taken with dairy products. Milk addict as I was, I put the medicine away in the cabinet, where it has remained UNTOUCHED for over a year now.

Why? Well…

Around the same time I learned from my partner that she had heard about LCHF and the Diet Doctor, and watched some of his lectures on YouTube, and read success stories from people with IBS. Immediately, this caught my interest because I felt I had reached rock bottom and wanted to give this a chance. As a gluten intolerant person and having an interest in diet since I was a child, I didn’t see any difficulties with the diet.

From my previous and present research, and success stories, I drew the conclusion that perhaps it simply was the sugar which made me sick. It always struck me that every time I ate a larger amount of sugar (such as candy), my acne was always worse.

Believe it, or not, but that was the case…

May 2013 – 22 years old:
After only a few days on a strict LCHF diet my IBS wasn’t noticeable. After about a month my recurring acne subsided and my skin has never been as great as it is today. My fatigue during the day has vanished and my hunger has decreased as a result of the high-energy food. I was simply sugar intolerant.

Today, I have largely to thank my partner, but also the Diet Doctor and other involved people, including Jonas Bergqvist, who has also changed my view on food in relation to exercise.

Thank you for everything, and I hope that my story will inspire many others with severe acne to try this natural medicine.

– Real Food –

Sincerely/ Micke

(For those interested, I’m on Instagram: Mickemickz)


Congratulations, Micke!

Improved acne is a common side effect of a low-carbohydrate diet. There are also a few studies showing that it has a positive impact for many.

For an extra bonus be careful with dairy protein (also insulinogenic). The #1 diet for acne may be a low-carb Paleo diet.

Do you have any experience with acne and a diet change? Feel free to share it in the comments below!


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