How Ricky turned his life around and lost 210 pounds


Ricky suffered from autoimmune issues as well as constantly having stomach aches and feeling sick all the time. That little boy in the picture is what gave him the motivation to turn his life around. Following in the footsteps of his wife, he embarked on a low-carb journey to improve his health. This is his story.

Ricky’s story

My name is Ricky Bailey. I’m 35 years old. I started low carb in June of 2018 and I’ve lost roughly 210 lbs (92 kg) so far. I had autoimmune issues and I was sick all the time and suffered from dry heaving, vomiting and constantly had an upset stomach.

I started on low carb and cut out sugar. I’m now mostly carnivore and do intermittent fasting. I have very few issues now, unless I eat things which I have learned cause me issues… which is almost everything besides the few things I do eat.

That little boy in the picture is what changed everything for me. My biggest challenge was relearning how to see food and allowing my body to adjust to the changes.

My wife had lost 120 lbs (54 kg) and got pregnant and had the baby before I ever started low carb. She did a lot of research and had already been living this way. I had great support. Unfortunately, I didn’t give her the same support, even after watching her shed the weight. I was a skeptic.


Hi Ricky. I am thrilled that you turned your skepticism around! Congrats on transforming your health and your life. Enjoy every moment with your wife and little one.

/ Dr. Bret Scher

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