“Why was I still fat?”

Before and after - 44 lbs

Before and after -44 lbs

I got en email from Minna in Finland, who tried to lose weight with the official nutritional guidelines, while wondering why she was still fat. Here’s her story on what happened when she learned about low-carb from a co-worker: 

Hello Andreas!

My name is Minna and I’m a 24-year-old from Finland. I would like to share my story about LCHF, altough it’s very similar to all the other success stories. You have my permission to share this on your website with the pictures, if you like to.

I have been overweight since childhood, as long as I remember. It concerned me, but I never felt like actually doing something about it. Guess I didn’t want to end up yoyoing with some wonder diets… Or I was just too lazy to exercise.

I didn’t think much about nutrition, until I moved away from home to live with my spouse. Suddenly I was able to decide what to buy and eat, and I thought I’d make it healthier, taking advice from the official nutrition guidelines. For a few years I only got fatter, although in the end I actually thought I was eating healthy – it was what school nurses and other professionals had told me were good for you! But why was I still fat? I admit I’ve never been keen on exercising, and I believed I was supposed to be in order to get thinner.

The lowcarb “boom” hit the country through media, and I – like many others – doomed the whole thing as a wonder diet, not thinking about it more. In the beginning of year 2013 I heard a woman at my work had lost a lot of weight with that kind of diet, and she told me a little about it. I was very suspicious, but looked into it. As a result I counted my daily nutrients, and figured that my calory intake was much lower than it was supposed to be to keep me getting fat.

The result? I started a low-calory diet! I couldn’t keep it more than a month or two, losing a few kilos, and that’s when I bought your book. I realised that the one nutrient that had controlled my life until that point was carbs. As a child I very much liked my granny’s buns. As a teenager I was able to buy my own candy and soda – and I did. After leaving most sugary treats behind I still ate much rice, pasta, grain and potatoes. That had to end.

I began LCHF in April 2013, with my spouse as a little unwilling side kick – he didn’t believe that eating that much fat could make you any thinner. Soon he was proven wrong, when my weight started dropping. In less than 10 months I lost about 23 kilos (50 lbs), and with mostly no exercising at all! And he lost a lot of weight also, though he only changed his dinners to low carb with me.

Last new year I found out I was pregnant, as we had wished. I think I could’ve been able to get pregnant despite being overweight, but I was happy to give a start to a new life in a more healthier body. Now – over a year after the decision to lose weight – I still continue this diet, and am going to keep it, even with my child. I have had to bend with the amount of carbs a little, since I had severe nausea in the beginning of my pregnancy, and couldn’t eat any foods too greasy. As a result some of the weight has come back, but for now it’s all about the baby – after he is born I can lose weight again! And by the way: I take a 3,000-4,000 IU dose of vitamin D every day, and couldn’t feel any better!

I’d like to thank you for changing my life – as cliché as it sounds – and I’m going to take the message of LCHF forward. Thanks also for letting us know about your daughter and her diet, it really gives me the kick to keep my child away from carbs also!

Regards, Minna


Congratulations, Minna!


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  1. Bill UK
    Well done Minna.

    It is hard going against the conventional diet wisdom and medical profession.

    I recently had a nurse wanting to stuff statins down my neck but I refused.

    Keep the faith or should that be keep eating the fat.


  2. m
    Well done. You have shown true intelligence; the ability to think for oneself and go against the grain. It is very hard and scary to do this, but from what I am reading more and more people are doing this. Up the revolution :)

    Only time will tell if we are correct. It's good to be a pioneer.

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  3. Alain
    "Only time will tell if we are correct. It's good to be a pioneer."

    I dont think so. I have tried on a fitness forum to make changes in their diet mostly base on grains, bread, pasta, rice, potatoe and fruits. The funny think, is that they want to be cut like a professional body builder.

    I did not take long that people started complaining about my paleo style diet. Then I started a dailog with a vegetarian about the paleo diet. The fight was futile, all my arguments were wrongs while his were goods. I had no help from other members of the forum. Then some chimpanzees came to throw more poop on me we the finale touch from the administrator saying that I was telling people wrong things about nutrition.

    I erased all my messages from the forum because they did not deserve to be educated and merit to stay in the ignorance. In this experience, I figure may be few pourcent are wiling to change. In 6 weeks on that forum I think I convinced 1 girl to make change in her diet.

    It will take mandatory government rules to force changes. Probably higher taxes on junk food products. People do not undestand reason, only violence and coercion.

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  4. m
    Alain - hogwash.
  5. cave horse
    "People do not undestand reason, only violence and coercion."

    How does that make violent coercion the right thing to do?

    "I want you to think!"

    How will your gun make me do that?

  6. Paul the rat
    Dear All, I encourage you to read the paper I posted at #6, it tells the stories of most of us here or someone we know.
    Reply: #8
  7. erdoke
    I read it yesterday and it is an excellent paper to show to friends. There was just nothing I could add. It is great to see how he challanges the scientific society even in the abstract.
  8. Paul the rat

    Ann Med. 2014 May;46(3):182-7. doi: 10.3109/07853890.2014.894286. Epub 2014 Apr 30.

    Advice to follow a low-carbohydrate diet has a favourable impact on low-grade inflammation in type 2 diabetes compared with advice to follow a low-fat diet.

    Jonasson L1, Guldbrand H, Lundberg AK, Nystrom FH.
    Author information

    Abstract Background. Inflammation may play an important role in type 2 diabetes. It has been proposed that dietary strategies can modulate inflammatory activity. Methods. We investigated the effects of diet on inflammation in type 2 diabetes by comparing a traditional low-fat diet (LFD) with a low-carbohydrate diet (LCD). Patients with type 2 diabetes were randomized to follow either LFD aiming for 55-60 energy per cent (E%) from carbohydrates (n = 30) or LCD aiming for 20 E% from carbohydrates (n = 29). Plasma was collected at baseline and after 6 months. C-reactive protein (CRP), interleukin-1 receptor antagonist (IL-1Ra), IL-6, tumour necrosis factor receptor (TNFR) 1 and TNFR2 were determined. Results. Both LFD and LCD led to similar reductions in body weight, while beneficial effects on glycaemic control were observed in the LCD group only. After 6 months, the levels of IL-1Ra and IL-6 were significantly lower in the LCD group than in the LFD group, 978 (664-1385) versus 1216 (974-1822) pg/mL and 2.15 (1.65-4.27) versus 3.39 (2.25-4.79) pg/mL, both P < 0.05.

    Conclusions. To conclude, advice to follow LCD or LFD had similar effects on weight reduction while effects on inflammation differed. Only LCD was found significantly to improve the subclinical inflammatory state in type 2 diabetes.

  9. Edie
    I was just wondering if this LCHF diet is safe for someone who's had gastric bypass surgery.
    I had surgery over 3 years ago and still have a lot of weight to lose. I do have to eat high protein
    but not sure if high fat is good for me.


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  10. kathie
    HOpe to report the same as Minna soon.
    I'm in the USA and had my doctor say" if you don't do the "standard operating procedures"(SOP) ie. take more medication for Diabetes, I won't get paid".
    So I was terminated as her patient.
    It's tough finding a doctor that will go out of the SOP since now doctors get reimbursed for doing things that someone says is good advice to treat diabetics.
    I'm wondering now, since I'm diabetic, and the SOP doesn't work, why would anyone take me on as a patient because if I don't improve, they won't get paid. Bad system.
    Keep fighting the system for your health.

    Thanks for Diet Dr. and all your info and teaching through many researchers and writers to help guide the way.

  11. Zepp
    Its the way you need to eat.. small portions of energy dens and nutrient dens foods!

    Dont skip the fat.. many nutrients.. manly some vitamines are fat soluble!

    Some people are dumping on fat.. but other dumps on other things.. you have to try it out!

    And here some advices!


  12. Ole Bullet
    Is there any reference material on how lchf affects hormones? Good friend is trying it. Has had near miraculous results in several areas of health..except hair. She had very thick strong hair which is suddenly thinning and falling out. It's not too bad yet, but it is important enough to her to begin asking questions before it goes any further. It may not even be related, but I'm questioning everything that affects any area related to hair. Good data is not easily found on this subject.
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  13. Zepp
    Its a side effekt, cald temporary hairloss.. not very comon.

    Its the same as with other hormonial changes, pregnancy, and fast weight loss/banting!

    Its not that much about hairloss, then stopped growt of new hair.

    One lose always hair but new are growing all the time.

    When one came in that stage.. the growt take rest.

  14. Yunar
    Congratulations Minna on your diet. I was told that red chili/capsicum can burn fat effectively. However i see some of my friend who like hot food from red chilli still fat.I don't know whether the food combination was wrong. I read some article about this here http://ywdiet.com/cayenne-pepper-capsicum-good-health/
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  15. Galina L.
    Capsicum making people thin is the one of many "magic food" legends , which are claimed to "melt fat without any effort",created probably to attract reader's attention.
  16. Zepp
    Im whit Galina.. I do love capsium food.. the stronger the better!

    And probably.. it could burn a calorie or a few more.. but not Kcalories!

    Its the same whit the muscle myths.. 1 kilo/2pound of extra muscles burn 13 calories a day.. you read it right.. not Kcal!

  17. Elaine
    Is the LCHF diet any good for someone who has high cholesterol which needs medication as diet only will not reduce it, have been told it runs in the family so would appreciate any feedback thank you
    Replies: #19, #20
  18. erdoke
    High cholesterol means almost nothing in itself. Do you mean that you have low HDL and high VLDL together with high triglycerides, meaning that your serum lipid profile suggests an increased risk for heart disease?
    Medication (statins) should definitely be avoided.
  19. Zepp
    Its dependant of way.. you have bad lipids!

    I altso have bad lipids.. but by ading more fat and limiting carbs it gone down.. not to a low value.. but to a nearly upper normal value!

    And that tells me that i probably have it becuse of metabolic syndrome!

    There are a few of the population that have a heredited bad genetic dysfunktion.. to handle fats.. often cald Familiar Hyperkolesterolemia.. but those is max 1%!

    The rest is of other causes.. moste of them is by metabolic syndrome.. I.E. Hyperinsulinemia and what that causes!

    I provide a link to a Cardiologist that is positive to LCHF.. and did you know.. he know when people need Statins too.. and when they dont!


  20. lynda ferguson
    This story sounds wonderful. I started the same diet one month later than her, lost 15 pounds in 3 months and the weight loss completely stopped for the next 9 months. What did continue to happen was a lot of hair loss. I can now see my scalp on top of my head. I loved eating this way, and was as religious about it as a nun, but it stopped working and the vanity of growing bald caused me to stop. any ideas??? anyone? and I tested my thyroid..normal.
  21. lynda ferguson
    I now see the post above from the gentleman who has the friend with hair loss. You are right there is nothing on this, but there are many people who complain of this. My temperature also runs low now. I would love to eat this way, but something has to be off to cause hair loss. My weight loss was certainly slow enough. Any Comment from the Diet Doctor on possible reasons this happens and how to continue with this diet and still keep hair???
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  22. Galina L.
    It is the one of the consequences of a weight-loss resulted from any diet. Body resists loosing fat http://www.nytimes.com/.../tara-parker-pope-fat-trap.htm, and a low leptin level causes drop in thyroid hormones , and a low thyroid/hair loss connection is a well-known fact.

    from the wiki: "Dieters who lose weight experience a drop in levels of circulating leptin. This drop causes reversible decreases in thyroid activity, sympathetic tone, and energy expenditure in skeletal muscle, and increases in muscle efficiency and parasympathetic tone. The result is that a person who has lost weight has a lower basal metabolic rate than an individual at the same weight who has never lost weight; these changes are leptin-mediated, homeostatic responses meant to reduce energy expenditure and promote weight regain. Many of these changes are reversed by peripheral administration of recombinant leptin to restore pre-diet levels.[136]"
    I didn't experience a hair loss, but I have read comments of the people(they lost more fat than me) who complained on the thinner hair than they had before. I have better hair now probably because I used to follow a low-fat-low-red meat diet before LCarbing. My opinion is that LC dieters have easier life on their diet compare to other dieters who concentrated mostly on counting calories, because they are spared from increased hunger and food cravings and decreased energy, their fat and proteins consumption doesn't drop, so hair quality is affected less, but make no mistake, guys - weight loss will not turn you or anyone into a naturally thin person, keeping weight from re-gaining is a challenge for the most people.

  23. lynda
    Galina, thank you! The article was really very informative...kind of depressing too. LOL but still good. Explains a lot.
    Reply: #25
  24. Galina L.
    Everything is not so bad, and less depressing that it was described in the article. The bottom line is - you can't go on a crash diet and expect to return to a "normal" or a "mindful" or "balanced" eating afterwards and expect not to regain the lost weight eventually. You also can't expect not to reach a weight-loss plateau at some point on any diet.
    I enjoy a LC food and resolved most of my health issues on a LC diet, so the thought that I am on that diet for life is not a scary one, but I know I would be gaining weight even counting carbs if I start eating more than now, which is two times a day within 6 - 8 hours window , each time to a complete satiety.
  25. lynda
    Galina, have you found that the intermittent fasting along with the LC works well for you? just curious. Also, do you gauge your calories at all? I'm trying to wrap my mind around how much you are eating at only twice a day. That's do-able! LOL Thanks for the replies very much. I appreciate your response! I'm trouble shooting my diet and willing to try it differently. Doing it the same way and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, right???
    Reply: #27
  26. Galina L.
    Probably, you would benefit from going to the blog http://itsthewooo.blogspot.com - the young woman lost 160 lbs 11 years ago and keeping her weight off.
    I was logging all what I was eating only for three month couple years ago on a fitday.com, and I am lazy now to find the months when I did it. As far as I remember, the calculator indicated a fluctuation between 1400 - 1700 calories a day. It allows me to be weight-stable after 30 lbs of a weight-loss. Probably, to my two meals I should add a cup of coffee with a heavy cream in the middle of the day or instead of eating a breakfast. My usual first meal is two eggs with a butter or cooked sunny side-up or an omelette, second meal is meat+ veggies. If I want to eat in-between, I drink a cup of tea, black or green.
    In order to be adapted to fasting, I followed directions from the web-site http://gettingstronger.org/2010/11/learning-to-fast/. I last 20 lbs at reasonable speed on a very lay-back LC diet, but I had to seriously remove any extras and use IF to move the scale more.
  27. lynda ferguson
    Thanks again, Galina. i will check those sites out. Best to you!!!!
  28. Lee
    Diet Doctor & Dr Jason Fung.
    (I can’t thank you guys enough!)
    Okay so now you’ve probably heard it all!
    But Take a look at this panel of quacks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cl2IX94GCI telling people that eating white sugar and rice will cure type 2 diabetes! how many people are these guys going to kill if people listen to this garbage, I’ve been LCHF with fasting for only 2 weeks and feel absolutely amazing and I’m now off Insulin, I was 330 lbs ( haven’t weighed myself yet to measure the change) I was taking 25 units of Lantus, even though my Diabetic specialist kept telling me to go higher, she had me up to 72 units, at one point when I told her I felt sick and that it wasn’t doing anything, she said okay here’s a novo rapid insulin take this after your main meal as well as your Lantus before you go to sleep, go to 80 units Lantus and 6 units Novo Rapid, this along with Trajenta 5mg, and my Coversil and Ros-Rosvastatin and I still could not get below 9.6 when I tested upon waking, and I ignored her request due to my yuck factor with most fruits to drink fruit juice instead, and she is a specialist not just a normal doctor, it takes 4-5 months to get on her list, so anyway to cut a long story short, I have stopped seeing her and I now take my old med Janumet twice a day and eat LCHF fasting on Mon. Wed & Fri, and I’m down to 7.2 when I wake up this has dropped from 8.5 yesterday morning, so I’m really happy this is working,
  29. Saleh Al Hinai
    Wonderful story

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