“It’s like you eat and you lose weight, who would have thought of it?”

Before and after

Before and after

Varun had been of normal weight as a young man, but things changed when he started working and stopped being physically active, while still eating carb-rich foods. The weight piled on, regardless of several attempts to keep it off.

Then his uncle gave him the book Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes. The very same day he decided to throw out all bad food and start eating low-carb. Here’s what happened.

The E-Mail


I am Varun Rattan. I belong to a small town of Dhuri in Punjab, India. My height is 5 feet 9 inches and I’ve been at moderate weight until the age of 24 (80 to 85 kg (176 to 188 lbs)) as I was physically active and somehow maintained my weight though I was eating a lot of carb-rich food. But when I came in corporate life in 2010, I became sedentary; I was eating the same carb-rich food maybe a bit more than earlier.

As I was almost zero percent physically active, I started gaining weight and within 5 years I gained almost 30 kg (66 lbs) my weight shot up from 85 kg (187 lbs) to 115 kg (253 lbs).

During this time I tried a lot of things, I joined a gym, I cut down on fats, meats, eggs, sugars etc. and started eating fat-free food and more whole-grain foods, muesli, corn flakes, egg whites etc. the same food that generally is considered healthy. But whenever I stopped my physical activity, my weight increased regardless of my diet.

I was getting frustrated, I started having health problems like difficulties breathing while taking brisk walks or climbing stairs, I felt depressed and thereby ate more and my weight came back to same point again, i.e. 115 kg (253 lbs).

Then last year my uncle gave me one book “Good Calories and Bad Calories”, I read some pages of the book and I was shocked to read that it’s not fat but carbohydrates which lead to weight gain. After reading this book, I started searching for this more on the internet and then I came to know about the DietDoctor website. I read everything about this diet on the website and started this diet the very same day.

Though in India, eating meat/poultry/seafood is considered to be more of a taboo especially among Hindus, but I knew that this is the only way out of this miserable life. I stopped eating chapatis, paranthas (Indian Breads), potatoes and other starchy vegetables, beans etc. (which I liked the most) and started eating eggs (with yolks), chicken, mutton, sea food, low carb vegetables made in physically refined rice bran oil such as fried cauliflower, fried mushrooms curry, pumpkin, paneer (Indian cottage cheese) etc. and also started having butter & ghee again which I was avoiding earlier.

To my surprise I started losing weight without any exercise and after almost a year I lost 25 kg (55 lbs). I am relieved of my breathing problems, I am no more stressed. Now, I feel very light and healthy, I kind of feel very positive, I sleep well, I do not feel lazy at all and I have become more attentive and alert than ever. It’s like you eat and you lose weight, who would have though of it?

My brother Tarun (who has also struggled with weight problems and tried all other ways to reduce weight, but in vain) after seeing my initial results, started following this diet as well and lost 30 kg (66 lbs), now we both follow the same lifestyle, in fact, this diet has become a part of our lives, our friends and family members call us the ‘LCHF brothers’. We have become the advocates of this diet.

Brother Tarun before and after

Brother Tarun before and after

Thank you Diet Doctor, for sharing this valuable information with millions and guiding us towards the real human diet.

Kind regards,
Varun Rattan


Good job Varun and Tarun! It is inspiring to hear that you two brothers are on this journey together, and it’s great that it’s possible to do in India too.

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  1. Sean
    Well done, Varun! Thank you for sharing your inspiring story!
  2. gbl
    Congratulations Varun. I imagine that in your culture people eat a lot of rice, chapaties and dal. How do you handle that on a low-carb diet? I'm asking, becasue I like to cook and eat those foods too. : )
    Replies: #4, #5
  3. John Eldrin
    Thank you brothers for sharing your stories! Very inspiring.. :)
  4. Varun
    Thank you so much and yes in our culture we eat a lot of chapatis, rice and dal (dal mainly because, major population is vegetarian and is a main source of protein for them though it has more carbs than protein).

    I am a Hindu, our family eats vegetarian food and we are raised like this only, though the ancient and medieval Hindu texts do not explicitly prohibit eating meat, but i guess as centuries passed, politics taking centre stage, belief in Ahimsa – (the concept of non-violence) and availability of variety of carb rich food (imported from other countries over the decades and now grown in India), the diets changed and we can see the impact of more carb rich food on our bodies.

    Today India is third most obese country in world and thats enough proof what more carb rich food do to the body.

  5. Varun
    Further, LCHF diet has given me a kind of new life, I feel better, more active and alert from inside. In fact after regularly following LCHF diet, whenever I tried some chapatis or rice (even small amounts), my body felt a bit disturbed and heavy on stomach which I am not used to at all now. So, its natural for me now to follow LCHF diet.
  6. gbl
    Good luck with your resolve Varun. I'm not sure I could do it!
  7. Irfan
    Very motivating story. I plan to start soon. Though not because of the weight but the health benefits related to sugar control. Yes, avoiding chapatti and having gravy directly is not something we are used to, but will need to get over with sooner or later. Thanks for sharing!
  8. MD

    I am Hindu as well and wish not to eat any kind of meat.
    Any advise on eating the right food you could provide as the choices are less for a vegi person.

    Reply: #9
  9. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi MD!

    Why not have a look here:

    HiI am Hindu as well and wish not to eat any kind of meat. Any advise on eating the right food you could provide as the choices are less for a vegi person.

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