“Whatever I had known about a healthy diet was completely wrong”


When Archit went to university his weight ballooned rapidly and he started having health issues. After a while he decided that enough was enough and he joined a gym to overcome the problems.

Fortunately, he also found out about the low-carb diet and dove right in. This is what happened:


My name is Archit and this is my story.

Life before: While I was studying economics I started gaining fat (really fast). I went from some 75-80 kg (165-176 lbs) to 115 kg (254 lbs) after which I didn’t find any sense to measure. I knew something was wrong I had difficulty breathing and slowly other issues also crept up.

What happened: After some time I decided it was enough and I needed to make some changes in my life. I joined a gym and started working out but still got fatter. Luckily at that time I saw a video by Jeff Volek: The art and science of low-carb living and my whole world went upside down. Whatever I had known about a healthy diet was completely wrong. Hence, I changed my diet completely the next week.

I also enrolled in a sports-nutrition course at a fitness academy in Mumbai (since I knew they were preaching the low-carbohydrate high-fat approach or simply the right way to eat).

Life now: Weight automatically is on check (around 80 kg [176 lbs]) despite me eating delicious food like butter chicken, paneer tikka, ice creams etc. I have realized my brain is working pretty fast, I am more productive and meal frequency/portion control doesn’t matter now.

I am practicing as a sports nutritionist now and also do lecturing at the same fitness academy.

Today I preach what I practice to everyone and can say easily that this is the right way to eat.

Biggest challenge: The challenge was just in terms of conviction about the low-carbohydrate high-fat approach for which I kept on reading many books (Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living impacted me the most), watched a lot of videos from Low Carb Down Under. I had never liked carbohydrates and loved the items I eat as of now but thought they were bad for health. Hence the switch was pretty easy.

What to do you wish you had known when you started: The importance of minerals like sodium and magnesium on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Thanks and regards,

Archit’s Instagram: @fitnomist07
Facebook: Archit


Thank you for sharing your story and helpful insights Archit :-)

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