Losing 135 pounds in one year with LCHF

Before and After One Year2

This is pretty impressive. I just got an email from Cord in the pictures above, he wanted to share his story:

The E-mail

I found your blog early in my journey, thank you for publishing it.

Here is my story and you have my permission to publish it, along with my first name and attached photo.

I began following the Atkin’s diet, in April of 2012 with 225 lbs to lose. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have only succesfully lost any significant weight using low carb, and a medically supervised fast, both that put my body into ketosis.

Soon after beginning I learned about LCHF and Keto and altered my diet to include more fat and spent the majority of my carbs on green leafy vegetables. My focus was not on calories, instead I concentrated on keeping my macronutrients at approximatly 5% carbs, 60% fat and 35% protein. The weight came of very quickly. I have a tremendous amount of energy, I am seldom hungry, and never feel denied.

My physician was involved the whole way and we verified that my cholesterol, while in the ‘good’ range pre-diet, actually went down during the diet. All of my bloodwork is excellent, and all of my doctors support my decisions.

Today, I am about 65% of the way to my goal weight and losing about 8 pounds per month. I am very happy with my progress and plan to continue with this eating lifestyle indefinitly. I know that when I reach my goal weight, I will add back a few foods, but refined sugar and wheat will not be on my menu.



Congratulations Cord!


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  1. Nikki
    Way to go Cord! Keep up the great work :)
  2. Mary
    Congratulations Cord!!! My son and I started LCHF the same time you did and we've lost a lot of weight too and will never go back to eating sugar and carbs. You're a great inspiration and testimonial to Dr. Andreas's wonderful dedication!
  3. Sophie
    Is there an "After" photo of the little bunnies?
  4. Sabine
    Wow! That is a lot of weight lost.
    This is very inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
  5. John Myers
  6. kolcz
    Great I know this diet works because I lost 80 pounds myself since September 2012, still have long way to go though.
  7. Another great LCHF success story! Well done, Cord, and it's great that your doctors are behind you.

    Carole AKA Carbsaner

  8. FrankG
    Good for you Cord... many congratulations!

    When I read a powerful yet succinct message like "My focus was not on calories, instead I concentrated on keeping my macronutrients at approximatly 5% carbs, 60% fat and 35% protein. The weight came of very quickly. I have a tremendous amount of energy, I am seldom hungry, and never feel denied." and the many, many other success stories here and on other blogs, I have to wonder why we still have naysayers who -- likely having no concept of what carrying around 135 lbs of excess fat mass even feels like, let alone any true idea of what it feels like to try endlessly depriving yourself of food while simultaneously flogging yourself to death at the gym -- who insist that we are wrong and that they are right.

    Yes not every one of us loses weight at the same rate, yes not everyone reaches their "target" weight but that does not negate the overriding health benefits of even a partial loss of excess fat mass and generally improved health with a long-term, sustainable approach that simply works!

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  9. Congratulations, Cord! And, thank you for sharing.
    Stories like yours are very inspiring and will, I'm sure, encourage someone out there to give the low-carb lifestyle a try. The bottom line is, with this kind of lifestyle, excess fat will be lost and health will be improved and easily maintained.
    Also, the great thing about your experience is that your doctor has been involved in the whole process as your collaborator helping you achieve the optimal health outcomes.
    I feel that doctors have become more open to collaboration when their patients want to try low-carb lifestyle to improve their health.
  10. Jaime
    Congratulations Cord. The difference really shows and you look like you have more energy. I can see that in your face.
  11. Sunny
    I couldn't agree more! I remember before I went LCHF I was reading something about one of the girls that won the biggest loser challenge (Ali, I think her name was) and she said that still, to maintain her figure after the initial weightloss that she works out 2 hours a day.... 2 HOURS!!!
    If you look at pictures of her she is still not super skinny.. I mean if I'm working out 2 hours a day I better look like barbie at the end of it!
    Needless to say I thought there HAD to be a better way and I'm so happy to have found it!

    Three Cheers for Cord!! Keep up the great work!

  12. Just wanted to add congratulations so WELL DONE CORD.
    LCHF is the way to go. Keep on doing what you are doing.

    All the best Jan

  13. My husband tried a LCHF diet last year and did not get good results. I think part of it was that he did not keep to it as strictly. I know he likes carbs a lot. I guess with weight loss, it's one of those different strokes for different folks thing.

    I am really impressed by the results of Cord. I am going to show this to my hubby and see he wants to give it a real shot. There is nothing more convincing than a real success story.

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  15. sten b
    Great achievement, Great story!
    All kinds of warnings about LCHF are often given, like you may lose that weight but what about your arteries ? Not to bother. I suffered angina for over 6 years and when it got worse I had read a lot of Andreas blogs and decided to give LCHF a try. After 6 weeks my heart disease symptoms were gone! No medicines, no symptoms. Often I could not walk more than 50 meters before I had to stop before that, stop to wait for the chest pain to pass. I have been fine for over 15 months now, back to the way I was!
    I went very strict LCHF, with lots of saturated fats. Mostly coconut oil, pure grass fed butter and Tallow. Today I look ahead just as I did when I was 40 again, 26 years later! The killers were the sugars and carbs in everything I used to eat. Then I could not see any future, I din't know I had any.
  16. Cord, this is such a huge accomplishment. Overcoming a lifetime of weight problems is one of the biggest challenges one can face and you have done so successfully! It's all about finding out what works best for you and sticking with it. Your dedication has paid off. You look amazing and I bet you feel even better. Keep up the hard work.
  17. Essential diet and proper exercise is helpful to keep a well shaped and stunning body adds more value to your personality. I’m a gym instructor and believe a healthy diet and appropriate exercise can make you look good, especially if you are health conscious. A well toned skin and a healthy body is the key to success in your life.
  18. Oh! I really liked Cords story. I was always going on the Atkins diet, and always had a stall. Lose a small weight then nothing. Could not understand why. Then I read Cords experience about adding more fat , less Protein.( WHO KNEW). I sure did'nt think that would do it.. Well I'm waiting for my books on Paleo eating. Really like the . Diet Doctor.com LCHF web site
  19. Thanks Cord!
  20. To be honest, that doesn't really look like 135 pounds of change..
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  21. Cord
    It was exactly 135 pounds on the one year mark. I have lost an additional 9 pounds since that photo. I have NO motivation to lie, and I have nothing to prove to the likes of you.

    I suggest you go back to ripping people off on the internet. I saw your site, it looks like the typical scam. You claim a "revolutionary" and 'miracle' system (only 29.95 a month). I doubt it.

  22. Cord

    Once I achieved ketosis I felt so good I didn't want to cheat.

    Eating outside of my plan was just not part of the loss. In the year plus, I haven't had a bite of birthday cake, a piece of Halloween candy.... nothing outside of the healthy foods on my ketogenic diet plan. I feel fantastic and I don't want that to change. Also, I don't feel denied, I eat very well and I am always satisfied. It has gone beyond a diet now, it is my lifestyle.

    A big part of my success was being prepared. When I make dinner, I make extra to have the following day for lunch. I always have keto snacks available. When I travel I plan ahead and bring or buy things to have on hand so I am not tempted. When a business meeting is planned I call ahead to the caterer or bring something myself.

  23. Ami
    this is so inspirational. i am so going to do this. and boy am I carnivorous.
  24. Belina Dover
    I would never go with a high fat diet, I care too much about my heart. I found that I watch my diet as a whole and swap things where possible. Different diets suit different people, but in my experience, watching everything as a whole works great along with proper excersise.
  25. I am on a low carb, medium fat diet, just reading up on foods and nurtients and what not to eat and have lost 8lbs in 3 weeks, have about 47lbs to go tho.. but I think this is simply going back to basics and even better my pet name for this diet is the caveman diet and whoever saw a fat caveman? ;-) They ate all the fat off any meat they caught, ate berries and seasonal fruits and the rest must of been green.. Wonder how many of them had diabetes and clogged arteries? Im guessing not many! Well done chap for sticking with it.. I will be too.. first thing that has worked..
  26. Francis
    well done Cord!!!... Your results can change the mind of most of the people suffering from such diseases.

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