Losing 135 pounds in one year with LCHF

Before and After One Year2

This is pretty impressive. I just got an email from Cord in the pictures above, he wanted to share his story:

The E-mail

I found your blog early in my journey, thank you for publishing it.

Here is my story and you have my permission to publish it, along with my first name and attached photo.

I began following the Atkin’s diet, in April of 2012 with 225 lbs to lose. I have struggled with my weight my entire life and have only succesfully lost any significant weight using low carb, and a medically supervised fast, both that put my body into ketosis.

Soon after beginning I learned about LCHF and Keto and altered my diet to include more fat and spent the majority of my carbs on green leafy vegetables. My focus was not on calories, instead I concentrated on keeping my macronutrients at approximatly 5% carbs, 60% fat and 35% protein. The weight came of very quickly. I have a tremendous amount of energy, I am seldom hungry, and never feel denied.

My physician was involved the whole way and we verified that my cholesterol, while in the ‘good’ range pre-diet, actually went down during the diet. All of my bloodwork is excellent, and all of my doctors support my decisions.

Today, I am about 65% of the way to my goal weight and losing about 8 pounds per month. I am very happy with my progress and plan to continue with this eating lifestyle indefinitly. I know that when I reach my goal weight, I will add back a few foods, but refined sugar and wheat will not be on my menu.



Congratulations Cord!


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