Low-carb couple loses almost 600 pounds together


Ronnie and Andrea

Here’s quite the low-carb love story. Ronnie and Andrea is a couple that bonded over their weight-loss journeys and ended up losing 570 pounds (259 kilos) together using low carb. Now they’re about to get married.

Brower gave up drugs and alcohol, followed a low-carbohydrate diet and started working out for three hours a day, beginning with simply lifting his arms while sitting in a chair. Within 100 days he had lost 100 pounds and was able to leave the house and go to the gym for his workouts.

Just check out these amazing before-and-after photos below (and our guides if you want to know how to do the same thing):


Ronnie before and after


Andrea before and after


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  1. Kathleen
    Truly amazing and inspirational!
  2. Andrew
    Wow. Stunning achievement. Congratulations to both Ronnie and Andrea.
  3. Steph D.
    Very inspirational!
  4. Trish
    Unbelievable tell me how
  5. Michelle Godfrey
    What a beautiful and amazing transformation! NO drugs NO alcohol and a huge diet change!?? I am so impressed, that is truly doing what it takes... commitment...So happy for you both :)

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