Losing 80 pounds with a keto diet and intermittent fasting


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Peter’s wake up call came when he realized that it had become difficult to tie his shoes because of his weight. He had since long lost faith in conventional weight-loss advice, but fortunately his physician directed him to Diet Doctor.

With a keto diet and intermittent fasting, Peter has been able to drop 36 kg (79 lbs) in nine months since then. Impressive! This is how he did it:

I am a 66 year male who has lost 36 kg (79 lbs), and still counting, on LCHF in 9 months.

I was the typical yo-yo dieter for over 50 years. Two to three years ago I had basically given up hope and my weight was somewhere above 125 kg (276 lbs). I don’t know exactly as I wasn’t game to jump on the scales.

Over 50 years I had tried all of the usual suspects in weight-loss programs at least once. I also did a lot of water skiing and used aerobics and weight training for strength and endurance for my skiing. None had any impact on my weight.

Over the years I had found that the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss, i.e. calories in calories out, eat less and exercise more and the traditional food pyramid were, for me, complete rubbish. I had zero faith in the dogma the so called “experts” were saying.

When it became difficult to do something as simple as tying my shoe laces I again decided that something had to be done.

Very fortunately I was referred to a dietitian who followed low-carb. She referred me to dietdoctor.com.

Reading the articles on the website was a revelation. I felt like one of those old cartoon characters where the light bulb suddenly illuminates in the thought bubble. My struggle with weight was described to a T.

Fortunately I was able to flick a switch in my brain and abandoned all sugars and carbohydrates immediately. I don’t recall suffering any keto flu but my earliest memory of this eating plan was no hunger.

Also surprising was the amount of sugars and carbs hidden in every day foods. Even my wife was surprised after I refused to eat some foods because of the sugar and carbs listed on the nutrition panels of these “healthy” foods.

I also incorporated restricting portion sizes in my overall plan.

From LCHF I graduated to full keto and intermittent fasting. I do 16/8, 20/4 or one meal a day throughout the week. I even did a 40-hour fast with no issues when my wife wasn’t looking.

My average carb intake is 10-12 g per day. I don’t count calories but try to keep energy from protein to 20% or less and from fat at least 70%. I use an app to track my carbs and I measure my blood ketones roughly once a week. They measure on average between 3.5 to 5.5 mm/l. Too high?

Foodwise I use pecan, brazil or macadamia nuts and occasionally MCT oil in my coffee to boost my fat intake if required. I also occasionally have limited amounts of blueberries just for something different. I don’t use any sugar or carb substitutes or artificial sweeteners. Despite all your hard work I don’t use any of the meal plans.

I didn’t drink any alcohol for about 5 months but now have a few glasses per week of dry wine or champagne as allowed by Diet Doctor.

I also do yoga twice a week to help keep me flexible and weight training once or twice a week to try to maintain muscle mass.

Unfortunately as time goes on the amount of weight loss per week is decreasing but hopefully I can lose a further 5-10 kg (11-22 lbs) over the coming months.

I am currently reading Lore of Nutrition and it still amazes me how reluctant dietitians are to abandon their discredited low fat high carb dogma.

Thanks again to Diet Doctor for putting me on the correct path.


Forgot to mention, my blood pressure has also dropped 30-40 points into the normal range although my sceptical GP has yet to reduce my medication.


Peter, congratulations to your success, and best of luck on your continued keto journey :-)

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