How do you lose weight on a keto diet?

102,184 viewsDo you want to learn how to do keto right, for weight loss, increased energy or some of the many potential health benefits?

Feel free to watch our keto video course to learn it in a fast and hopefully enjoyable way! You can watch the full first part above.

We just released part 7, where I explain how to lose weight on a keto diet. How fast should you expect to lose weight? What do you do if it does not work for you? Watch the video course to find out.

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Keto for beginners: weight loss

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Start your free trial to get instant access to this and hundreds of more low-carb TV videos. Plus Q&A with experts and our awesome keto meal-plan service.


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Popular keto recipes


Keto #11 - our most popular recipes

How about a week of eating our most popular dishes? Thanks to all who rate our recipes we’ve been able to put together this week’s keto meal plan. It has three meals per day and will keep you below 20 grams of carbs.

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  2. Del
    I'm not doing well at all............ are there people who don't respond to Keto or LCHF WOE?
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  3. J_C
    I'd like to do the keto diet together with my husband. But we need to be careful with his meat intake, since he has a slowly failing kidney. Can we still do the keto diet, with this limitation? We are also both on blood pressure maintenance. Thanks!
  4. Penelope
    I enjoy keto and find it easy to stick to the diet. However constipation is an issue, presumably because fibre intake is lower on 20 gm carbs. I drink plenty of water and have tried recommended tips. Any other suggestions?
  5. Tasha
    Me!! All this talk of weight loss and I haven't loss any except the initial water loss.
  6. joan fogg
    what is bulletproof coffee ???
    Replies: #7, #8
  7. Tasha
    Coffee with added fat like butter and coconut oil. Tasty too.
  8. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Joan!

    Look here:

    what is bulletproof coffee ???

  9. Rosaly
    Hi, I've been doing the keto this is my second week but I am gaining weight. I am not eating carbs at all. Maybe I am having to much food or fat? I dont eat much but I 've been eating things that I would normally don't eat on regular basis like chesse, olive oil, coconut out, ghee etc. I am 45. PLEASE HELP:)
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  11. Helen B
    Hi I think you might have eaten too much protein or lack of sleep?
    You only need to have 3oz of protein per meal and I recommend you to do intermittent fasting and keto. Beasicalky skip breakfast or dinner and eat ketogenic diet food during eating widow 6 hours and fasting 18 hours ! Good luck !

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