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  1. Tammy Zetterberg
    I have been on the keto diet for almost 5 weeks.I check my urin every day with a Ketosis stick. It says I am very low ketosis. I have not lost a pound. I feel great but I look the same :) I need to lose 30 pounds. I am 55 years old.HELP
  2. Anne
    Hi Tammy, I am the author of a specific Diet Doctor article on this exact issue. See: https://www.dietdoctor.com/top-tips-lose-weight-low-carb-women-40;
    This is a very common issue for women our age. It definitely can take longer. It seems that women who may have dieted often throughout their adult life can have even more issues, taking longer to reset their metabolism perhaps.
    If you feel great, keep with it. If you read down in the comments of that post, Samantha eventually lost 17 lbs but it took more than a year. I have had other women tell me the same thing. Nothing for months and then it slowly started coming off. Follow the tips and see how you do. Go for feeling good, get cravings etc under control, don't weigh obsessively, try intermittent fasting. To get higher ketone readings you can cut back on protein and add more fat -- but note that Dr. Ted Naiman advises that once you are fat adapted cut back on fat you eat in order to burn body fat. Good luck. Anne Mullens
  3. Sabina
    I am 60 and exact same experience (after 20 yrs of weight gain). After 6 weeks of strict keto finally I lost 6 kg in a week and about 500gm/wk in the month since. Consistent energy and mental clarity have been the best benefits *and dropped insulin levels!
  4. Susan k
    hi...if it been 5 weeks....from experience...First do you really have Fat weight to lose?? second....Start fresh...make sure you are eating plenty of fat and portion is plenty. Alot of people... THEY lose faster if they cut FAT in the begining....or there is something your doing that need to be changed.
    Start fresh and review what you do...Avoid Diet soda!! and check your meds...And don't weigh your self very often...Muscles weighs more than fat...well it takes up less room...some times you shrink with no weight lose...The first time I did it I didnt really lose.I stopped for a couple weeks....reviewed...lost 19 pounds first month. It does work!!!!!!
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  6. Kazzy
    I have thyroid issues due to cutting calories too much over too long a time period. Is there a keto diet recommendation for a really sluggish thyroid?
    Replies: #16, #44
  7. BEV
  8. marji
    is rice paper low in carbs
    Reply: #9
  9. russell
    Hi Marji,
    Nope. Rice paper isn't actually paper, it's rice. It's almost all carbs, very little (if any) fat and protein. It's a good example of the kind of "food" you should avoid entirely. It's ultra-processed. The grains are processed and then the processed grain is further processed.

    A keto-friendly and much healthier option is to use cabbage leaves as wrappers for your spring rolls. There's a great recipe right here on this site:


  10. Seun
    Can I start a weight loss wt vegetables first like cucumbers, cabbage.
  11. Elizabeth
    Can I eat vegetables to start keto like cucumbers, cabbage
  12. Kim
    Can I use cabbage on my keto diet
  13. Gentiann
    Yes, you can use cabbage. There is plenty of cabbage recipes on this site.
    Just do a search with the word "cabbage" or any other vegetable.
  14. Ida
    I have idiopathic intracranial hypertension where I am told I have to lose weight. The weight I am gaining is causing headaches and have been told to cut down on my sodium
    Can this still help me
  15. Soniya
    I have been on keto from 1 month, I have lost 5 kg, now my body has stop to responding, can you please suggest me what I have to eat to loose more weight. I want to loose 10 kgs more. Can I eat roasted peanuts.
  16. Carol Klink
    Did you get an answer about the thyroid sluggish issue. I have the same issue. Looking for some help with that. Good luck to us. Carol
    Reply: #17
  17. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Keto and low carb in general can help with thyroid issues. There are no specific tweaks that need to be made. Weight loss may be slower but it should still happen!


  18. Christine Rodgers
    I take seroquel for no polar. I stay on Me TO plan but imma not going into ketosis. What can imdo
    Reply: #19
  19. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Here is our page with 18 troubleshooting tips to help figure out where you may be going wrong.
  20. Ginnna
    I need help,I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. First week of Keto I lost 8 pounds and this is my second time on keto I was off for one month and now I am not losing weight if anything I feel like I am gaining and I am doing the same thing as before. Following the recipes on diet doctor. :(
    Reply: #21
  21. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    8 pounds in one week is great! Please give it more time. Keto works, but when you are on and off plan, it can take a little longer for it to really kick in again. If you haven't done the two week challenge, that's a great place to make sure your eating is on track.
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  23. Kellie
    Please need some advice!
    Does anyone have anything extra with their dinner meals? As in extra I mean a side salad of mixed leaves or some extra vegetables or do you just have the suggested meal serving on it’s own? I’m new to this site & keto & just want to get it right 👍🏻
    Reply: #24
  24. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Depends on what the meal is! If it's just a protein, like a steak or baked chicken then I will add a veggie side. If it's a casserole or soup I don't usually bother. I also make sure each meal keeps carbs low enough to fit my daily allotment.
  25. Tilesa Pulalasi
    I need to know please someone let me know Do I take Keto before food or after and how many times do I have to take it a day?
    Reply: #26
  26. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    What do you mean by "take Keto"? Keto is just foods - there's nothing extra to take.
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  28. Dawn Pegg
    Hi I have just brought the keto tablets. I really want to lose weight I have got coronary heart disease.i feel fine in myself will I be ok to start taking keto tablets thank u . Dawn
    Reply: #29
  29. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    The tablets/exogenous ketones are completely unnecessary. You will reach ketosis and make your own ketones to burn just by eating very low carb/high fat.
  30. Kasie
    I'm unable to get to video #3; it keeps routing me back to video #1. Help.
    Reply: #31
  31. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I'm unable to get to video #3; it keeps routing me back to video #1. Help.

    Here is the direct link. I double checked and it loaded correctly for me, using Google Chrome.

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  33. APRIL
    what are the keto tablets made of
    Reply: #34
  34. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    what are the keto tablets made of

    They are exogenous ketones and we recommend avoiding them. There are no pills or supplements required for keto.

  35. Meri
    Can somebody tell my how to take keto pills, before or after meal, or to take one at a time or two at once?
    Reply: #36
  36. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Can somebody tell my how to take keto pills, before or after meal, or to take one at a time or two at once?

    It's better to not take them at all. They are completely unnecessary.

  37. c hanson
    muscle does not weigh more than fat!!!!!
    a pound of muscle is probably a smaller size than a pound of fat....
    a pound is a pound is pound!!!!
    it's like saying ...which weighs heavier a pound of lead or a pound of feathers!!!!.....
    Reply: #38
  38. Gentiann
    Not by volume : 1 cup of lean meat weighs more than 1 cup of fat. That's what Susan K. was saying in her comment.
    In the same way, 1 pound of feathers takes a lot more room than 1 pound of lead!
  39. Carmenyomans
    I have received my Keto Today but I just sent you an instruction how to take the dam thing or you take them together or one of the time I just don’t understand no instructions so ever could you please tell me how to take them
    Reply: #40
  40. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I have received my Keto Today but I just sent you an instruction how to take the dam thing or you take them together or one of the time I just don’t understand no instructions so ever could you please tell me how to take them

    I am not sure what you are referring to. We don't sell any products or pills. We recommend ketogenic diet using quality proteins, fats and veggies with no supplements needed.

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  42. Barbara
    I am unable to access video #3 and the link is not working for me....any other suggestions?
    Reply: #43
  43. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    I am unable to access video #3 and the link is not working for me....any other suggestions?

    Here's the direct link. Please make sure you are logged into your account and it should work!

  44. Cindy Herman
    I have Graves so they had to kill my thyroid. As far as I am aware, there is nothing that you can eat that will help you produce the hormone, you need to take Synthroid. I looked earlier this week as I am out of Medication and there is nothing with diet that will help.

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