“Diabetes [type 2] is not a chronic disease”

Before and after

Before and after

We got an email from Devialini, who’s lost 64 lbs (29 kg) while reversing her type 2 diabetes… using an LCHF diet.

The Story

Here’s Devialini’s story on how she reversed diabetes and lost weight. The post on her blog contains more information on how she did it, what she ate and the importance of doing your own research.

Someone recently asked me why I would restrict myself so much when “you’re going to die anyway”. My answer is this:

I do not fancy dying of diabetes related illnesses including heart complications, limb amputation, renal failure and the list goes on. I have no desire whatsoever to suffer the consequences of long term elevated blood sugars and put myself, my family and friends through financial and emotional stress of that kind. I could be involved in a car accident or some such disaster tomorrow. I have no control over those kind of situations but as far as this disease called diabetes is concerned – I now know that it is NOT A CHRONIC DISEASE. It can be reversed and I have control over that. I can do something about it and I choose to. It is about quality of life not quantity of life.

MyKetoGenie: Low Carb High Fat – What Does It Mean


Congratulations on reversing your diabetes, Devialini!

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  1. Lori Miller
    Well said! Taking action on things within your control FTW!
  2. jennifer
    Excellent answer and reply, love it, I totally agree personal opinion it does not have to be the chronic disease that the so called experts maintain, real experiences of total control and turn about, speak volumes as so many people are now with change of lifestyle choices, that result in reversing, putting their situation in remission, and if I dare say so, such results surely at the end of the day indicates their situation is solutioned and cured? I believe the ADA state inform that anyone NOT ON MEDICATIONS, if their results blood sugars and A1C over a year are normal non diabetic, they view this as remission, reversed, although the word cure is not mentioned, one has to assume that its not a chronic disease Yes or No? Keep up the good choice and efforts.

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