From 222 lbs to 134 lbs in five seconds with LCHF

Here’s an impressive accomplishment! Amanda went from 220 lbs (100 kg) to 132 lbs (60 kg) in a year with an LCHF-like paleo diet (low carb, high fat, real food).

The movie clip above showing the transformation was put together from pictures taken during the weight loss journey. In the movie clip this weight loss journey only takes five seconds. In reality it took a year, but what a difference!


MailOnline: From 222 lbs to 134 lbs in five seconds: Woman’s dramatic 88-pound weight loss transformation over one year is revealed in shape-shifting time lapse GIF

Reddit: 365 days, -85 pounds, 2ish pieces of advice. (F/5’4″; 220 lbs – > 135 lbs; progress pics)


I note that she limited her intake to 1200-1300 kcal daily. On a low-carb diet this is often enough to feel satiated – don’t forget that she also used approximately 600 kcal daily from her body reserves!

A total of 88 lbs (40kg) weight loss may have contained over 200,000 kcal, which her body was using during this year. The LCHF diet’s insulin-lowering effect facilitates the use of stored fat.

She might feel hungrier as she approaches her normal weight. Her body’s fat reserves will by then be almost depleted and her body won’t be as keen on letting go of the last, with an increase in hunger as a result. In order to continue in the same way she should then probably add more fat to her diet to keep satisfied.


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  1. Natalie
    I remember seeing this woman on, amazing & inspiring!
  2. Just me
    Her t-shirt changed colour aswell, impressive what LCHF can do.
  3. FrankG
    Fantastic transformation. Good for you Amanda! :-)
  4. Jay Wortman
    The US news coverage attributed her results to a high protein diet, portion control and exercise while the British media reports she followed a high fat, moderate protein low-carb diet and did not exercise. Now why do you suppose the US media would want to mislead people like that?

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  5. Zepp
    Im very impressed that her t-shirt did shrink in the same time!
  6. murray
    Nice catch, Jay.
  7. Brenda
    I love watching the smile emerge on her face and how she will look at herself in the mirror again!
  8. Drew
    On her Reddit thread she said something about how she kept saying "high-fat" but obviously the producers had their own agenda.
  9. Donna
    I am so happy to see how all of her hard work really changed her internal look as well as her external look. She looks fantastic and no one can take away that beautiful smile off her face !! Great Job and well done..
  10. GP
    No tits now :( Relax, I'm just joking :)

    It always feels so good when you see a person who has been able to drastically change themselves. As you can clearly see she is not just physically better but she is also a lot happier.

    Under normal circumstances humans are not supposed to get fat. But a lot of factors like food addiction and a lack of willpower can help things get overboard. It's great she was able to reverse all that. I hope she serves as a motivation for many more people and we start seeing more and more smiley faces.

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  11. FrankG
    How does one "reverse a lack of willpower"? Did she somehow develop her "will power", which presumably had been lacking up to this point, in order to go from 222 lbs to 134 lbs?

    I'm asking because I went through a similar experience -- significant reduction in excess fat mass and greatly improved health since eating LCHF.. maintained easily for 5+ years now -- and I'm still not exactly clear what "will power" is supposed to be. Do I have it now but didn't before?

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  12. spareld
    This is what Amanda had to say:

    EDIT 1: Here's the segment:
    As suspected, it's been edited a lot, but I'm a little disappointed in how my diet was portrayed. I was very clear during the interview that Keto is a high fat and moderate protein diet, but the voice over said I followed a "high protein" diet. Sigh. I guess the world isn't quite ready for the glorious bacon-fueled truth.
    EDIT 2: Leave it to Jezebel to cover my photos and highlight the faults of the GMA segment by citing this very thread, all with plenty of snark left over :) Thanks, Kate Dries!
    EDIT 3: INSANE props to The Daily Mail for absolutely nailing it with comprehensive coverage and -gasp- research?! Seriously. Give these guys some love.
    <3, Amanda / dignityblows

  13. Sabine
    No need for willpower on LCHF. LCHF is EASY.
    Excess weight just goes away, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly.

    Great job, Amanda, you look attractive and healthy,and a lot happier too.
    I hope it will inspire others to embrace a lifestyle that works.

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  14. Justin B
    Well, the willpower needed is the willpower to avoid believing the unfounded baseless media propaganda telling you that the diet is going to kill you. If people state something as truth enough times...
  15. Jon
    Based on the comment made by Dr. Andreas (i presumed), it seems we still need to watch calorie intake to lose weight on LCHF. Am I right?

    I started LCHF beginning Aug 2013. I lost 8lbs (3.6kg) on the first 2 weeks and then it stopped. I'm even fluctuating +/- 1-2 lbs. I still need to lose 25-28 lbs.

    I'm already avoiding all fruits, nuts (except for Macadamia and Brazilian once in a while), all starches, most dairies (i only take butter and 2 tbsp of full fat cream for my morning coffee).

    I suspect I'm eating too much meat. I'm thinking of restricting it maybe to a palm size. My palm size is approximately 4 in x 4 in x 1 in.

    What are your thoughts on this? Any advice?

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  16. Paul
    Jon, from personal and of people I know experience, try +- 1.0g of high quality protein per 1.0 kg desired body weight and made up energy with
    1) lard, not many of us know that almost 50% of lard is oleic acid - the same fatty acid, which is in olive oil. Lard is almost impossible to buy in USA, I found old-style family Italian butcher who gets it for me from somewhere.
    2) coconut oil
    3) butter
    my energy intake is 55% lard, 30% coconut oil, 10% butter 5% hemp and linseed oils - as 100% energy from fat. (I eat vegetables and nuts - no more than +- 8% energy from carbs)
  17. Jon
    Thanks Paul.

    If I'm not mistaken (based on a previous comment of Zepp on this website) there is approximately 20% gram of protein in a gram of meat. Since my desired weight is 70kg, I would need 70 grams of protein. I would then need 350g of meat to get 70g of protein. Does this match with your suggestion?

    I tried to find lard. But the one I found says Lard and Hydrogenated Lard. I think this will not do. I should look for 100% lard, right?

    I have coconut oil, butter, and olive oil.

    Thanks again.

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  18. Paul
    You can go +- 70 - 100 g of protein/day with no problem. You can find protein content of meats et cetera on numerous websites (as a rule of thumb 100g of meat = 20 g of protein. But I suppose you would eat eggs, cheese, nuts so not all protein/day comes from meat.
    Hydrogenated lard will NOT do. I alternate between lard -pig fat, tallow (dripping) - beef fat and goos/duck fat.It is my experience not to overdo on olive oil. As I said above, there is plenty of oleic acid in lard, although I add olive oil occasionally to veggies salad.
  19. Paul
    I misspelt "goose". What a goose. Damn.
  20. Patrick
    Jon, if you're looking for good quality Lard, I would highly recommend to go site called Fatworks (just Google the word and click on the first link). They got good quality animal fats ranging from:

    Leaf Lard, Beef Tallow and Duck fat. I'd order there Beef Tallow, and it's excellent.

    Hope this information helps.

  21. GP
    Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

    The willpower is the desire to learn and practice what is best for your health. A lot of people are stuck not because they are not educated about what is good and what is bad for you but because they love to eat a lot of food or certain types of foods and they are addicted to that. Sugar addiction can be the same as tobacco, alcohol or drug addiction. Sugar tastes fucking great. That's a fact. And a lot of people easily overdose on it. By willpower I mean the desire to understand what makes you fat and what you need to do in order to stop it. Because your sweetness receptors are telling you this is great but your common sense should overcome that.

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  22. FrankG
    "willpower is the desire to learn and practice what is best for your health"

    So I did have it all along!

    You see I used to work in the medical field and have always taken an interest in my health and well being.. listening to the advice of experts in the subject.

    But if that is the case I'm still puzzled as to why -- even having learned and put into practice what was best for my health -- why I still struggled for several decades with excess fat mass and ill health?

    I starved myself, I slogged for hours at the gym... it was mentally and physically exhausting,.. it was damned hard work and yet I stuck at it because I knew what was best for me... but ultimately it did not work.

    Then in 2008 I read Gary Taubes Good Calories, Bad Calories and recognised that the real issue was the advice I had been listening to; that instead I should be avoiding the sugars and refined starches in all the low-fat processed foods I'd been eating.

    From that day to this it has been NO struggle. As Sabine commented above LCHF has been EASY!

    Heck I almost feel guilty (almost) that it has been so easy... after a strict Catholic upbringing I maybe feel that I should have to do penance for all my years of apparent "excess" and failure.

    But now I am redeemed because by your new definition! I HAD willpower all along....

    it just wasn't the right kind maybe?

  23. FrankG
    And here was me thinking that "willpower" was this mythical power that only naturally lean people have, which apparently allows one to effortlessly push away the dinner plate, even though you are starving hungry after flogging yourself for 2 hours at the gym.. every night for the last three months :-P
  24. murray
    I disagree that willpower is desire. Willpower is the extent of one's ability to overcome internal resistance to act in a desired manner. One has strength of will, which can vary with the nature and extent of resistance, the resoluteness of the desire and the physical energy and health at the time. Anything that impairs any of the three will weaken willpower.

    The power of LCHF is that it restores appetite to a reliable signal of hunger, thereby decreasing internal, metabolic resistance to managing food intake. As FrankG observed, there was no change in his level of desire and no change in his health or efforts. What changed were metabolics that effectively increased his willpower. LCHF allowed his intentions to become more sovereign. It strengthened his willpower, not by making him more resolute (he seemed maxed out there already), but by changing the calculus of internal resistance.

  25. Monique
    I could watch this video over and over again! Very inspirational and provides that extra motivation to keep going when things aren't going your way.
  26. Sean
    Thats fantastic weight loss. Going for a 4 hour bike ride now, cycling is a great way to burn the unwanted lard.
  27. Dana
    I see we still struggle with the concept that the brain is a physical organ and that oftentimes when we have issues with behavior, those issues have a biological origin.

    The only reason any weight-loser has any issues with willpower is because they are eating foods that trigger certain biochemical responses that are very tough to break away from. The reason going LCHF seems so easy is you're no longer triggering biochemical addiction responses.

    It has NOTHING to do with being weak or evil, as so many people imply in these discussions.

    And usually when you have this much weight to lose, the problem is not only in the food. I wouldn't be surprised if this young lady also changed other things about her life, such as her sleep habits. Which becomes easier when you're eating right in the first place, yes, but a conscious effort helps. Light exposure and sleep patterns affect the metabolism in startling ways.

    As for the notion that one "must" cut calories, if you're burning your fat stores, you aren't really cutting your calories. As I believe Dr. Eenfeldt pointed out. Fat stores in a human being, which doesn't hibernate, are meant to be a temporary holding tank for energy in between meals. If you're burning that energy, technically you're "eating." Just make sure you're still getting enough protein to sustain lean mass, because you don't store amino acids in muscles as easily as you store fatty acids in adipose tissue, but you are always breaking down lean tissue to use the amino acids for various biochemical functions. People take the calorie-cutting too far and then start losing muscle and bone along with the fat, and you don't want that.

  28. ItsTheWooo
    1300 cals can't be high fat. Perhaps of a %age of calories, but there is no way to eat the high fat foods many here eat (and subsequently stall on/stop losing) and only consume 1300 cal. For her health sake, I certainly hope she wasnt eating a high fat diet as she is surely protein deficient and probably lost a lot of hair/muscle if she did.

    I am pro low carb but when it comes to this myth that people can eat as much sour cream and butter as they want and keep losing weight - yea, that's not at all true if you are prone to obesity and lost 80 pounds... although there are certainly many people with no history of obesity who can eat 5000 cals of any food, particularly low carb food, and fail to gain any weight. The key is differences in obesity sensitivity and people who never were obese (e.g. sam feltham) are just in a different situation endocrine wise than someone like me or any morbidly obese person.

    My weight is mid 120s now, and I am always on a ketogenic diet, and if I want to lose weight, I am advised to lower my dietary fat somehow...either via less frequent eating, or smaller portions, or puprosely purchasing low fat foods. I will also experience increased hunger, and coldness, because my body is resisting weight loss, because my leptin levels are low and do not facilitate further weight loss. I want to emphasize I *already* eat very low carb, this wt loss resistance is purely an effect of my fat tissue adipokines (which are hypotrophic, promoting weight stability).

    The good news is low carb diets promote MAINTENANCE of weight once it is lost, so one tends to shunt food into running around/dancing and being active naturally, assuming one is otherwise healthy (sleeping enough, micrnoturients adequate so no health problems, seeing adequate daylight when waking up and so on). But it is a myth that one can just pick a body weight and keep cutting carbs and then arbitrarily decide when wt loss stops. The body decides this for you and it is determined by numerous factors , primarily the fat tissue and adipokine feedback to the brain.

    If I tried to eat a 1300 cal diet I would be starving hungry with hypothyroid symptoms after a few days. Taking mild OTC stimulants like egcg and caffeine help a whole lot with increasing energy output and reducing appetite... but this is in effect, artificially reducing body fat, not unlike starlets taking cocaine to ramp up neurotransmitters and sympathetic nervous system to mimic a very high leptin/insulin condition.

    The point of this rambling : low carb diets are great, but don't kid yourself, if you want to be as thin as this woman, very high fat meals are not going to get you there (unless the very high fat meals are absolutely low energy over a 24h period, which is *still* ill advised due to inadequate intake of proteins which are wasted during negative energy balance states and especially ketosis)

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  29. Paul

    Can this diet be modified for someone with Irritable Bowel you have any advise for that.

    The Gastro Doctor advises ....BRAT diet...Banana, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast..for her condition......those are all high carb.

    What do you advise in the case of someone with IBS? they say high fats make them.. well go to the bathroom (too quickly, diarrhea etc.).


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  30. Klynn
    I feel like I eat a ton of food and still have trouble eating more than 1400, sometimes 1200 cals/day and fat grams approx. 125, protein approx. 80-125. I assumed this to not be an issue if one is obese with plenty of body fat to supply energy demands that are not met via diet?? I'm not purposely restricting and started out eating around 1600, but I found I was having to force food down and that's not "eating to appetite", so I just stopped and listened to my body. I'm still at a good basal temp and not experiencing any hypo symptoms at all. Am I misunderstanding something? I pay close attention to biofeedback and am not weight focused, but overall health. My starting weight was 260.
  31. Zepp
    One dont need to modifying this diet for IBS.. get rid of that food the doctor propose instead!

    IBS is an inflamatory condition of ones guts, take away everyting that promote inflamation like seeds and fibers.. eat real food.. ad some veggies after a time to see if those make a differens.

  32. Tharon
    I have IBS and I find that I have a lot fewer problems when I eat low carb. High fiber foods including certain berries with a lot of seeds and foods like kale and brussel sprouts can cause IBS symptoms for me. So, just sticking to green leafy and other salad vegetables for most of my carb intake works great!
  33. Adrian
    paul, i had ibs and removed all grains, all seeds except flax and some chia, all nuts except macadamia, brazils, rarely eat almonds and walnuts, all peas, beans, chickpeas, all starchy veg even sweet potatoes that most paleos eat, and my ibs has gone. I used to get sick from too much fats/oils, was lactose intolerant, egg intolerant. They said I had an overactive bile duct. Nonsense $1000 diagnosis from a gastro specialist. Now i eat fatty meat, eggs, butter, coconut oil, kale, silverbeet, and leafy greens, olives, some other vegies (fruits) like zucchini cucumber broccoli cauli cabbage brussels etc but mainly the leafy stuff. I eat heaps of salts. Magnesium citrate supplements too. Ibs is gone. It's gone. Dont believe doctors. Ibs is an inflammatory response. Excess mucous production due to irritation caused by TOO MUCH FIBRE and the poisons in grains. Or at least thats my opinion :)

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