“The old me would not have believed that the new me could be like this”



Could eating fat and skipping meals every now and then be the recipe for success? The answer is a clear yes if you ask Stuart:

The Email

On 30 October 2016 I was 47 years old and was stuck in a rut with my weight and health, constantly suffering with headaches, severe bloating after eating, constipation and psoriasis. I know from my own experience that low-carb eating works, but I had fallen off the wagon quite spectacularly, not consciously, it was just a gradual slide back into terrible eating habits. In my younger years I was very fit, lifting weights, playing squash and going running but this declined as family life took over. I’ve yo-yo dieted, even trying the cabbage soup diet once…

I came across some Diet Doctor videos on YouTube and immediately knew that they made complete sense. My starting weight was 203 lbs (92 kg) and I am 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) tall so I had some weight to lose to feel comfortable again in my body. I stuck to the two-week diet plan, printed off all the free recipes from the website and found the shopping list a fantastic aid. The only thing that I couldn’t eat was so many eggs just because I don’t really like them so I substituted natural live yogurt for a quick and easy breakfast before work.

Eight weeks later by Christmas Day I had lost 28 lbs (13 kg), quite effortlessly and without any exercise apart from the usual taking the dog for a walk. I must admit that I was shocked at just how quickly the weight dropped off me. Today is 26th March, Mothering Sunday in the UK and thirteen weeks after Christmas and I have lost another 7 lbs (3 kg) and now weigh 168 lbs (76 kg) which I feel very comfortable at. I must admit that I was getting concerned in the New Year because my weight loss seemed to stall and so I added in some intermittent fasting by missing either an evening meal or breakfast every now and again simply because I was not hungry.

The freedom that I have from hunger and fatigue is fantastic and now I can quite easily miss a meal or two and still be full of life and health. Eating fat certainly fills me up.

If I could go five months back in time the old me would not have believed that the new me could be like this now. My bloating has gone as has my constipation and now I very rarely get a headache. I’ve even had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes!

Thank you,


Congratulations, Stuart, to your fantastic results!

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