How to make Indian butter chicken

Time for Indian night? Indian food is often associated with high carb, due to its usual ingredients such as rice, sweet gravy and naan bread. But we have some good news for you… listen… How would you feel about some low-carb Indian butter chicken? Our take on this classic Indian dish includes lots of heavenly butter, a side of delicious cauliflower. All of the traditional flavors, and almost none of the carbs. Enjoy!

Watch the video above and feel free to share it. Here’s the full written recipe:

About the video

Featuring: Jill Wallentin
Filming: Giorgos Chloros, Jonatan Victor
Editing: Jonatan Victor
Production assistant: Emőke Csoma
Styling & props: Jill Wallentin
Motion graphics: Mattias Lindberg
Music: Jonatan Victor (Music by Cakeshop)
Production: Diet doctor
Location: Studio nummer nio, Stockholm
Year: March 2018

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