Low carb awareness increasing in India


Low-carb diets are taking the world with storm, and the people of India are not late to catch on to it.

After Rajesh Dudeja discovered that he suffered from type 2 diabetes, his endocrinologist recommended a low-fat lower-carb diet along with insulin injections to manage the disease. His blood sugars improved significantly, but he still didn’t feel well and couldn’t lose weight. Fortunately he found out about low-carb, high-fat diets, lost 36 kg (79 lbs) and was able to stop taking all medications.

Rajesh’s story is not uncommon. Many people who try LCHF discover that their blood sugars improve significantly, and that they can lose weight without hunger. India has massive problems with type 2 diabetes, so there’s no end to the positive impact it could have there:

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