Experts propose radical anti-sugar plan to tackle type 2 diabetes


There is now plenty of evidence showing the harms of sugar, but science alone cannot reverse the problem. If we are going to overcome the epidemics of type 2 diabetes and obesity, we must also target the food industry and vested interests.

Health and obesity experts Dr. Aseem Malhotra, Professor Robert Lustig and Professor Grant Schofield propose an eight-point plan to do so. They believe that implementing these steps would reverse the type 2 diabetes epidemic within three years, and quite likely they are correct.

The experts recommend all labelling of added and free sugars are made in teaspoons for the public to easily understand, there is a ban on all sugary drinks advertising [including fruit juice] on TV and internet demand services and companies associated with sugary products are outlawed from sponsoring sporting events.



Coke’s war with the public health community


  1. Paul Limmer
    Taxing any food is just plain wrong. Reduce the amount of added sugar by legislation. As the public have become addicted to sugar over many generations it's time to reverse this and by reducing sugar content of all manufactured foods would be a start. Lower sugar by 5% or 10% every 5 -7years. Instead of gifting the various Governments many billions of our dollars to waste and squander on unessential things. As an example of manufactured addiction to sugar breakfast cereals would be my first target also stop parents from adding sugar to these as well. In my childhood my mother put even more sugar on weetbix and I'm sure every kid I went to school with was in this same situation.
  2. Mary
    What if governments had taxed high fat foods when we all believed that fat was bad for you? We don't know everything about obesity yet and sugar is certainly not the only factor causing this epidemic. Consider stress, sleep deprivation, antibiotics, pesticides and chemicals, prescription medication and so on. There is certainly no one size fits all diet or lifestyle. Why do people feel it's ok to tax and control others behaviours to this extent? Stop people from committing real crimes, regulate things that are truly dangerous, certainly, but managing what everyone chooses to eat? If imposing high prices on addictive substances worked then no-one would be a drug, alcohol or nicotine addict. Please spare us this meddling. Educate people widely on the problems of high refined carb consumption and allow the increasing numbers of people wanting low or no sugar products change the behaviours of manufacturers.
  3. Pamela P
    Why not a grass roots/social media campaign to change the government’s upside down food pyramid?
  4. brandon
    Here we go again - it was government guide lines that helped cause this obesity epidemic - so lets have the government take more of our money thru taxes so they can screw up our health some more.
  5. Lorane R
    people always associate sugar with just obesity... That is just one of many reasons to not consume it.
    Try heart disease; makes cholesterol sticky/oxidizes (for lack of better explanation) which is why its found in arteries...NOT because of High levels of cholesterol. And fats do not raise cholesterol (keto diets prove that hands down)
    This is why diabetics have their inflammation test with A1c every 3 mos: CRP (high reactive protein) measures inflammation and why they have a higher percentage rate of heart disease, because of high blood sugar.
    Cancer: sugar helps cancer cells grow... and how about hospital foods not being so sweetened: like apple sauce, juices etc. that are sweet naturally.
    Causes Candida (yeast) overgrowth throughout body on a high percentage of people
    Allergies are encouraged and worse with a high sugar diet
    Deadly corn syrup sweetener is in multiple foods. Corn farming subsidized by Gov't partly for this reason
    yeah, sugar and salt. Some foods so salty it like eating salt from a spoon.
    and on it goes

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