Top 8 Tips for Living Longer and Losing Weight

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Simple changes to diet and lifestyle could be more effective than any medications in preventing disease, says Dr. Malhotra.

He’s about to release a book together with Donal O’Neill, The Pioppi Diet: A 21-day Lifestyle Plan, about what these changes can be.

Here are his top tips for emulating the healthy lifestyle of Pioppians (inhabitants of an Italian village known for their vibrant health an longevity):

  1. Don’t fear fat; sugar and refined carbs are the enemy
  2. Keep moving – exercise for health, not weight loss (and walking is best)
  3. Extra virgin olive oil is medicine, as is a small handful of nuts – eat both, every day
  4. Get seven hours of sleep a night
  5. Stop counting calories – not all are created equal
  6. Eat 10 eggs a week – they’re satiating and full of protein
  7. Have two portions of veg in at least two meals a day
  8. Fast once a week for 24 hours – have dinner, then don’t have breakfast or lunch the next day

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  1. Elles Millar
    Great low carb recommendations and options but your recommended red meat, poultry and other animal products cannot be defended as healthy options for human health
  2. TeeDee
    Actually, those animal protein recommendations can be defended as healthy and necessary to human health, but adults are free to eat what they want.

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