What fruits and vegetables looked like before


Fruit is candy from nature. Here’s why.

Before we humans domesticated fruit they were nowhere near as big or sweet. Check out these shocking examples of how familiar fruits used to look, just a few hundreds or thousands of years ago. Like the peach above that is 64 times bigger and sweeter too, more examples below.

Remember that when someone says that “humans have always eaten fruit”. That’s true, but it was not fruit like the ones we pick up at the grocery store today. That is superfruit, containing way more sugar than ever before… it’s candy from nature.

Personally I do eat a piece of fruit once in a while, as it tastes good and I’m happy with my weight and health and seem to be able to tolerate it. But if I wanted to lose weight without hunger I’d definitely cut back on it.

Here are more examples of how fruits and vegetables used to look like:

Banana – before and after


Carrot – before and after


Watermelon – before and after



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