The great Canadian cauliflower crisis


There is a crisis in low-carb land – a cauliflower crisis.

As we mentioned earlier, The US has been suffering a great cauliflower shortage and now there’s a Canadian cauliflower crisis too. The price of cauliflower has skyrocketed as growers can’t keep up with growing demand in the midst of bad weather conditions.

Why the growing demand? Well cauliflower is a highly popular part of low-carb and Paleo dishes, instead of rice or pasta. It’s perhaps the #1 most popular vegetable for low-carb chefs.

CNBC: $5 a Head: The Great Canadian Cauliflower Crisis

The price of cauliflower heads have gone up by roughly 140%, and Canadians have taken to Twitter, expressing their dislike of this particular trend.

When the crisis is over, you should try these delicious recipes:

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  1. Kay
    Cauliflower prices are higher than usual, but it's not unusual in winter to find that vegetables I eat frequently are more expensive than I'd like to pay. I take it as an opportunity to eat different vegetables. Cabbage is a favourite right now.
  2. Elena
    That is the reason I do not eat vegetables in winter. Vegetables are hugely overrated. What did our ancestors eat in winter when there was no technology to fly cauliflower from California or fancy fruit and veggies from tropical countries? What do traditional Northern populations eat in winter? I haven't had a single serving of plants, aside from spices, tea, coffee and occasional chocolate, in 5 months and feel just as great if not better than when I was eating plants. And now I can truly say that I know where my food comes from - eggs and poultry from my own chickens and turkeys, beef and pork, as well as heavy cream from local farms, pretty much everything from within 50 miles from me.
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  3. Apicius
    I agree with your take on this. I too limit veg and fruit during winter months...I try to follow seasonal eating. Also, I increase consumption of pickles/olives in winter months, and mostly eat winter veg like cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots and celeriac. I wait for summer to indulge in wide variety of fresh veggies for every day eating.

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