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We already have more than 20 weekly low-carb meal plans – including keto, moderate, vegetarian and dairy-free low carb – and we’ll add more every week.

Team Diet Doctor’s favorites

Are you interested in knowing how the team members of Diet Doctor enjoy low carb on typical days? Then look no further – here are our personal favorites.

Team Diet Doctor: Alex Bergvall's favorites

Alex works with IT, improving the performance, speed and functionality of the Diet Doctor site. His meal plan will help you stay around 20 g of carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Anne Aobadia's favorites

Anne Aobadia is the creator of many of our recipes here at Diet Doctor, here’s how a week of eating looks at her house.

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Team Diet Doctor: Annika Rane's favorites

Annika is working full time as a translator at the Diet Doctor Stockholm office. Her meal plan is ketogenic and will keep you around or below 20 grams of carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Bjarte Bakke's favorites

Bjarte’s job is to build a great team. He eats strictly ketogenic and his meal plan will help you stay around 10 grams of carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Darya's keto favorites

Want to try intermittent fasting but not sure how to start? Follow Darya’s meal plan! A graphic designer at Diet Doctor, she eats a ketogenic diet and works out twice a week. While she enjoys cooking on the weekend, during the weekdays she usually cooks easy, quick meals and often skips breakfast. So this meal plan is perfect if you want to do intermittent fasting (16:8) Darya’s way! Then splurge on yummy keto breakfasts on the weekend.

This meal plan keeps you below 17 g net carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt's favorites

This meal plan contains the low-carb favorites of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt. The meal plan will keep you under 25 grams of carbs every day. You’ll skip breakfast on weekdays, but have really nice breakfasts during the weekend.

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Team Diet Doctor: Emőke Csoma's favorites

There’s no such thing as a dull week when you’re munching on Emőke’s favorite keto dishes! Dig into this yummy selection of simple yet exquisite meals, happy tastebuds under 20 g carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Franziska Spritzler's favorites

Franziska Spritzler is a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator who loves low-carb living. Now 50-something, she feels better and more energetic than she did in her 30’s. Let her meal plan be an inspiration to you to live your healthiest, best life.

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Team Diet Doctor: Frida Hofmann's hearty favorites

Frida works as an editor at Diet Doctor and she brings you all kinds of content — everything from guides to daily news posts. One thing you need to know about Frida is that she loves eating. And she loves her breakfasts! Her hearty low-carb meal plan will provide you with three meals a day with flavors from all around the world, while staying under 35 g carbs per day. Enjoy!

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Team Diet Doctor: Giorgos Chloros' favorites

This meal plan is low carb with the addition of intermittent fasting and will help you stay around 25 grams of carbs or below.

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Team Diet Doctor: Jenni Calihan's favorites

This is Jenni Calihan‘s meal plan, filled with delicious keto meals, for the entire family. It will help you stay below 20 grams of carbs yet still enjoy three meals per day if you like.

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Team Diet Doctor: Jill Wallentin's favorites

Jill’s tasty meal plan includes a delicious mix of poultry, fish and vegetarian dishes and contains between 14 to 25 grams of carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Karl Naïm's international foodie favorites

Karl’s meal plan is well-balanced and does not include breakfasts, except on weekends. That’s because he uses intermittent fasting to promote greater fat burning after his morning work outs. This eating plan is recommended for people who like to cook, appreciate diversity over convenience, and love to use fresh produce.

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Team Diet Doctor: Kristin Berglund's favorites

Kristins meal plan offers a variety of dishes and helps you stay below 25 g carbs per day.

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Team Diet Doctor: Kristin Parker's family favorites

Kristin Parker is an American temporarily living in South Korea. Her role with Team Diet Doctor is customer service. If you have a question or a comment on our social media platforms, website or our Facebook group, she will likely be the one to answer you back! Kristin cooks for a family of four, including two hungry teenage sons. Her keto meal plan yields generous servings of substantial, hearty meals that they all like.

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Team Diet Doctor: Rickard's vegetarian week

Rickard Lindroth is a developer, mountain bike enthusiast, climber and one of the most joyful characters in the Diet Doctor office. He prefers easy-to-prepare vegetarian dishes and his absolute favorite ingredients are halloumi, eggs and broccoli. It’s not a surprise that this is what you’ll be eating this week. According to Rickard, everything is better with garlic and you should devour the whole broccoli — even the stalk! Oh, and did we mention garlic…?

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