New keto meal plan for intermittent fasting

Our new low-carb meal-plan tool gives you everything you need to succeed on low carb. Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists – no planning required! Adjust and skip any meal – and the recipes and shopping lists adapt.

We now have 31 low-carb week meal plans available – including keto, moderate, vegetarian, dairy-free and favorites – we’re adding at least one new plan every week. Here’s this week’s new plan:

Keto: Adapted for 16:8 fasting #1

This ketogenic meal plan is adapted for 16:8 intermittent fasting. It has two filling meals a day and keeps you below 20 grams of carbohydrates per day. Enjoy a week of Asian meatballs, coconut salmon, grilled chops and lots more!

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All Keto Meal Plans

Our ketogenic low-carb meal plans are perfect for anyone who wants to maximize their fat-burning and results, while enjoying lovely and inspiring recipes. Protein is somewhat restricted in these plans to allow for ketosis, and more fat is added for satiety and deliciousness.






  1. John Brolin
    Is there a simple 2 meal a day repeatable diet I could do everyday
    eggs and pork belly and olive oil, some veggies for lunch and chicken and olive oil and some veggies supper
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  2. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    You can incorporate that however you choose. Feel free to eat the same thing, or to shake it up each day.
  3. Julie
    i eat only supper during the work week and breakfast & supper on days off. This works for me. Down 33lbs, maintaining at 147. Very happy on keto. Never thought I’d be at my Navy weight again.

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