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Keto: Around the world #1

How about eating your way around the world in seven days? Go on a flavor adventure with this week’s meal plan. Start your week with Keto Thai fish with curry and coconut, continue through Europe and taste our Keto carbonara and finish with Greek flavors with our egg and lemon soup. You’ll have all of this and much more while staying below 20 grams of carbs per day.

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  1. grace
    1) I paid $9 membership fee. didn't know I can have one month FREE. anyway, I am lost. I need a Daily Meal Plan. today, 3/7/18, I get photos of Keto Plan #4.

    2) Can you tell me how I can start with Keto Plan #1? I will then renew my membership.

    3) there's no Instructions....lots of video watching. I just cancelled my membership. see #2 above.


    grace takeuchi

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